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adverse police report under tatkal passport: Awkward Reason





I applied for the tatkal passport in late 2013 and got the same with in a month.


After a year , I received a letter from Lucknow RPO which asked me to surrender the passport and explain the reason as to why I suppressed the information.


I sent them a letter with all valid documents attached along with address proof as soon as I received the letter from them.(I have the proof)

Now again they have sent me a letter asking to submit the passport.


I visited the Lucknow RPO office with a copy of letter that I sent them a year ago, but they do not have any record for that.


To my suprise they told me that They did not receive any letter.


When I asked why the report is adverse , they gave me the reason that in the police report it has been mentioned that U are not the native of the place(KANPUR) for which I submitted the address proof.

They told me that You have migrated from Bihar and settled in KANPUR(UP).They are correct but we are staying in kanpur from past 20 years and i have ration card , voter id card for kanpur only.


They are asking me to submit the passport and re verification will be done.


My question is:


1. Shall I submit the passport.

2. iF YES , then I now stay in delhi from past 1 year. Where will the verification be done kanpur or Delhi.

3. How much time will they take to return my passport.

4. What is the use of re verification , as the reason that they gave me is ridiculous and cant be changed.


Please help me , I am not sure what to do. I tried explaining the officer but he is not ready to listen anyting and saying We can only help after u submit the passport.

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Welcome to RTI INDIA PORTAL. Thank you for choosing RTI INDIA PORTAL.


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Dear Member, in addition,


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Regard & Best Wishes.

Manoj B.Patel

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Dear member, kindly discuss with a good lawyer and send a copy of your earlier reply to the RPO with a forwarding letter stating that there is no question of suppressing any thing.In spite of that if RPO insists to surrender the passport then you have to surrender it.

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Prasad GLN

PPO has the power even to cancel the passport at any time, if he is having bonafide reasons. So avoid conflict, surrender passport, complete formalities and also inform your present address at Delhi. If you have sent the explanation by Regd., post, you can seek information as to the action taken by them on your explanation. If you are co-operative, I do not think that it is a problem in receiving back your passport, as it is not urgent for you at present.

You may as well file RTI Application seeking information asking probable date by which you will receive passport back, but have patience, as it my complicate the issue.

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As suggested by the members i have submitted my passport with a letter.

Also i submitted an RTI , but that did not help much.


Status is now : Applicant reply received on ******

SCN Type : PVR review.


My father got into a debate with passport granting officer at lucknow PSK and he threatened to impound my passport.


Wil they do i reverification ???


I also told him that now i live in delhi and the reply that i received is u wil have to pay fine of 5000 if police is able to prove that.


I am sick of this kind of harassment.


Not sure if they will do reverification or simply impound my passport.


Someone please guide , what can i expect next?

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Prasad GLN

When the ball is in your court, we can direct you how to play that ball, but when the ball is in other's Court, we have to wait for his reaction (PPO) and then think the probable solution. As advised earlier it is a complicated matter and as well as sensitive (Katchhe dhage), have perseverance and it pays.

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my H1B is in process , i hope i get my passport back in a month.

I will keep updating this , so that others can get benefit , as i know this is like a harassment.

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Prasad GLN

Unless some one bends, others can not ride on you. Unfortunately there was a mistake on your part and it is just bad luck. Forget about it, and all is well that ends well.

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