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CCTV footage of banks disclosable where applicant is present

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The CIC has ruled that CCTV footage of inside bank premises is disclosable where the applicant is present in the video.


The two orders of the CIC are attached to this post.

order 1.PDF


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A very very bad order !


The IC has not hauled up the PIO/FAA for not providing reasons for denial under various subsections of Sec 8.


She has not even bothered to "understand" how a CCTV security camera / recording system works, If she had even bothered to just search on google, the order would have been entirely different.


The IC has also not given any reasons as to why she is only allowing disclosure of the footage where applicant is seen. Who will decide where applicant is seen ? Will it be the same PIO/FAA who denied the information in the first place ? Why didn't the IC ask the PIO to produce the CCTV footage and see for herself ?


A very very lazy and ignorant IC passing an order which is worded in such a manner so that the PA can happily go to court.

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Prasad GLN

Banks can never go to Court on silly matters and particularly when PIO & FAA were spared by IC as the court decision may be against and even they may pass strictures for denial. Banks always want escape route. If CIC orders they disclose everything and they are protected. They are not interested in other things than their career security. Infact, they encourage parties to go to court and willingly oblige any such orders even when they are not proper.

(I still have doubts. Previously photographers are not allowed to shoot inside premises in the interest of security, and particularly the opening of lockers and saferoom was not permitted in olden days even at the time of inauguration)

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