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1. If Info Commissioners demit office at the age of 65, then what are 70 year old "outsourced staff" / "consultants" doing in the CIC ?


2. Every IC who comes to the CIC also brings with him his "chosen" staff, who are recruited as "consultants" or "contract workers".

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akhilesh yadav

[h=2]RTI Activists Urges Govt To Assure Nation Of Its Transparency[/h]

New Delhi: Right to Information activist Commodore (retd.) Lokesh Batra on Tuesday urged the government to issue a statement assuring the nation on its transparency, in light of the recent decisions taken by the same with regards to the Central Information Commission (CIC).



Commodore Batra was reacting to recent media reports, which speculated that the Department of Personnel and Training ordering the CIC to scrap all of its outsourced staff or reducing their wages might spell the end of the body.



Read at: RTI activists urges govt to assure nation of its transparency – THE SEN TIMES


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[h=1]CIC rejects Personnel dept's order on wages issue[/h]

The Central Information Commission today rejected an order of DoPT Secretary and resolved to continue with outsourced staff at higher wages saying it is an autonomous organisation under RTI Act and not bound by the directives of the central government.



The commission met in its full strength to discuss the crisis which arose after the directive of Secretary, Personnel asking it to either do away with its outsourced staff, which constitutes nearly 60 per cent of sanctioned strength, or cut their pay to minimum rates prescribed by it.



During the meeting which saw presence of all the seven Information Commissioners, it was of the unanimous view that the decision of the commission to hire outsourced staff at an incentive was well within its rights given under Section 12 of the Right to Information Act.



The commission also resolved that it was an autonomous body under the Right to Information Act and not bound by the directives of the government.



During the long meeting, the commissioners resolved there was no bar in regulations to give incentives to the staff which has acquired knowledge of working of commission and the RTI Act and have become necessary to "ensure efficiency in the working" of the commission.



The Secretary, Personnel had asked the CIC to cut the wages of outsourced employees, forming two-thirds of the commission, to basic minimum wages or fire them thus creating fear that the commission with 40,000 pending cases may crumble in the absence of experienced outsourced staff which handles most of the administrative work.



The commissioners highlighted pending cases to stress that CIC had taken a decision to give incentive to these outsourced employees because of their efficiency and there was no reason to go back on that.


Read More: CIC rejects Personnel dept's order on wages issue | Business Standard News

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As per the "SEN-TIMES" online news paper,for beurocrats the full bench of CIC consisting of seven IC's rejected the proposal and guidelines of the DOT asking the CIC to reduce the outsourced staff enguaged with them and also reduce their pay as they are being paid higher wages than permissible stating that CIC is an autonomous body and not expected to follow the government guidelines . this was done on 11th of this month , we have to wait and see for further reaction of the government.

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