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expenditure of 53 lakhs by Rashtrpati bhawan on Modi oath ceremony.....


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on my rti....Rashtrapati Bhawan inform me about expenditure of oath ceremony of Prime Minister N.Modi...according to information that kendriya lok nirman vibhag president house expenditure of Rs. 16,81,683 and app cost of arrangment relatd to tentage,stage,furniture @ other allied items is rs. 17.6 lakhs. electricity expnditure is app. Rs. 19 lakhs.....

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Dear Member,


This expense is very little compared to what media says about the suit Mr. Modi wore during the visit of Mr. Obama. It costs 25 lakhs! A country like India cannot afford such suits!

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Can you just inform as to how you wish to utilise the information for ?

Have you solicited the information as to the direct and indirect benefits to the Country due to his Visit to India ?

Have you asked as to how much amount is being spent to perform the marriage of a Minister's son or daughter in India ?


(Remember when Nehru went to seek food assistance in 1949 when Country is experiencing shortage of food grains and request rejected by President Truman and present condition of the same country)


(Mr.Manoj --different news papers reported different amounts ranging from Rs.5lakhs to 10lakhs, now You have informed that it costs around Rs.25 lakhs. That may be a necessary to project to world that India is no more the country of Naked Fakirs and under developed)

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It is all exaggerated statements by the media. How can a suit cost Rs.30 lakhs!!! Was it made out of gold fibers? At the most, it may have costly embeds, which is not part of expenses of the suit.


I had opportunity to work in interior tribal belts and seen people with very little cloths, women without covering Brest. 35 years now, I don't find much difference than wearing a blouse and using currency notes (they refused to accept paper currency notes then, but only accepted coins).


India in its true sense live in villages and our culture, heritage and values live there. The US President is a more informed person about India and its people. We were not organizing a betrothal function, just to show our (false) wealthy status.

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Seeking such information is only ensure EXORBITANT MONEY IS NOT SPENT AND THIS WORKS AS A XCHECK and not useful to the RTI applicant personally/individually.

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Is 53 lakhs so big money for Rastrapathi Bhavan when some Chief Ministers are spending more than 50 crores (FIFTY CRORES) for VASTHU MODIFICATIONS OF THEIR CHAMBERS ?

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