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OK with Social Media comments!

Sajib Nandi

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Sajib Nandi

Reported by Aravind in Andhrawishesh.com on February 04, 2015

OK with Social Media comments! | Section 66A IT Act | Supreme Court | Additional Solicitor General | Freedom Of Speech And Expression | OK With Social Media Comments! | Andhrawishesh.com


The Centre on Tuesday said to the Supreme Court that Facebook and other social media comments on certain issues relating to public interest are not offence under section 66A of IT Act as the comments are related to freedom of speech and expression. This is a significant move by the Central government at the time when 'objectionable comments' are increasing everyday in the social media platforms.


In the recent past, the Supreme Court was hit by many PILs challenging the constitutional validity of the section 66A under IT Act which relates to the objectionable comments in social media and this allows the cyber crime police to arrest the concerned person whoever makes controversial comments but this comes under freedom of speech and expression. The Supreme Court has asked the Centre's opinion on this issue and Additional Solicitor General who appeared before the court on behalf of the government said, “Section 66A, which uses expressions like causing annoyance, inconvenience etc, essentially and intends to deal with such cyber crimes and has no relation with freedom of speech and expression.”


The Centre is also heard to have set up a panel for suggestions protecting the freedom of speech provision and preventing its misuse. In the past there were few incidents where the police have arrested Facebook and other social media users for questioning certain issues and controversial postings.

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Prasad GLN

Mere clarification by CG to SC is enough or some explanation is also necessary in the Act itself or a separate SC judgment clarifying the matter is further necessary in this regard ?

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Prasad GLN

Let us wait.. How many members use this forum in complaining against such ICs decisions using this to their advantage. (Yes. there is a discipline in the forum not to mention names)

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members can see today's TOI (5th february, times of india) wherein government informed Supreme court that this section is verymuch needed as insulting religious centiments are on increase and the supreme court has finally to give its decision

in the recent times, may be due to government change there is lot of religious intoleranceand even killing of cartoonist in paris also come under this actegory thoe it is an international matter.

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