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List of loan issued by Haryana Social Welfare Department




I want to information about the persons who get loan of bufalow from Haryana Social Welfare Department. Jind - Haryana from May 2014 to Dec. 2014.

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Prasad GLN

You can seek such information under RTI Act from Harayana Social welfare Dept., if you are sure that HSWD has disbursed loans.

(This practice of SWD is not known to us. Generally loans are disbursed through a financial institution and subsidies, Margin monies are released by concerned DRDA/ BC-SC Corporations. The beneficiaries are identified at Block Level through VRO and other village officials. Please also remember that every buffallow should be inspected by a qualified Veterniary Doctor and should have an identification tag and also insurance is compulsory. This is general process. SO you can get to seek information from any of the agencies.

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Prasad GLN

At the cost of repetition, loans are always disbursed by Financial Institutions alone and identification of borrowers, appointing purchaser committee for purchase of buffallows, medican examination, identification tags, presence in distribution are responsibilities and linkage to Dairies are their respsonsibilities of Govt agencies.

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buffaloes distribution will be generally done to the weaker section by the social welfare depr only under its budjet allocation only. the animal husabandry/ veternary doctors assistance will be sought that the buffaloes are healthy and the social welfare dept issue cheques to the beneficiaries to be encashed in the banks. if the thread starter want information , he can apply to PIO concerned.

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