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Regarding non delivery of aadhaar card physically



Hello to all,


Dear friends,


I filled an RTI before Assitant. Director and cpio of UIDAI on 14 January 2015 regarding non delivery of aadhaar card physically, it was enrolled on 22/02/2012. But till 14 January 2015 (almost three year) not received aadhaar card physically. However they transferred my rti on various dept of UIDAI, according to questions , but today I received some replies from one of the UIDAI logistics division. In the reply from UIDAI ...



My Question was...


Please provide me the present status of delivery (physically) of my enrollment no ****/*****/*** date 22/02/2012 16:00:31.



Reply was …The Aadhar letter has already been dispatched on 16.08.2013 through First Class digitally franked mail service of Dept. of Posts for which no individual dispatch number of tracking facility is provided by the dept of Posts. The delivery of aadhar letter to the resident is being done by the dept. of posts and any information related to delivery of aadhar letter may be obtained from CPIO concerned of dept. of Posts.

However the Aadhar letter is being reprinted and it will be dispatched soon after printing through the dept of posts as First Class digitally franked mail service of Dept. of Posts which is currently approved of dispatch.



Now what I do?? Should I filled an RTI before CPIO Dept. of post or not or file first appeal to UIDAI, and if yes then on what basis I filled RTI before Dept. of posts because UIDAI not provided me any tracking no. so on what basis I filled RTI before Dept. of posts.


As they said it is reprinted but it does not mean that they hide these types of mistakes, it a serious issue regarding a govt letter. However both are govt entities so it is the responsibility of Govt of India to provide aadhar card physically not eaadhaar for peoples of India.



Reply of another ques regarding responsible of delay of aadhaar card and what action...

they said the delay is occurred due to technical reason and delivery is done by dept of posts.



i already checked the status of enrollment no from dept of post website but ans was " Sorry! we could not find Item Number in our System for this EID Number"



Please help !!!!



akash aggarwal

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Hi skylife and welcome to RTI INDIA- Right to Information! This is an introductory reply and members of our forum shall reply to your specific query shortly.


You have just made a post at our community which is dedicated to helping you in matters of Right to Information. If you are new to RTI, you should read this article here What is Right to Information? - Guide. And if you are interested in reading the whole RTI Act please go to the following link: Right to Information Act 2005 [RTI Wiki]


PLEASE NOTE: We may not be able to answer your query conclusively, if it is not related to RTI, like finding a mobile number, vehicle registration number etc. These are not related to RTI.


skylife here are some more links for you to explore about #RTI:


1. Download RTI Forms: http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/docs/cat/11-sample-rti-forms/

2. Read here about How to Become RTI Activist

3. Read here RTI Online- Step by Step Guide to File RTI Online

4. Here you shall find various Centre / State RTI Rules and Fees: http://www.rtiindia.org/guide/centrestate-rti-rules-and-fees-3/

5. Read here about various case laws of RTI: http://www.rtiindia.org/law/


Thank You!

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You have asked for the status of delivery, which is rightly advised to you. Though it is a fact and your grievance that the Aadhar card is not received, the information supplied by the CPIO is correct and complete. Moreover, they made a commitment to reprint and dispatch the Aadhar Card.


There seems to be no ground to prefer an appeal. Preferring RTI application with DoP without better particulars is also not fruitful.

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Prasad GLN

Now almost all states introduced Regular AADHAR application/issue counters. Instead of wasting time , kindly make it convenient to apply for fresh AADHAR either on line or in person through specialised counters.

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They commited for new, but they did not mention the time of delivery also they should find out why the first aadhar card is not reached to applicant physically ,by transferring of my rti to dept of post . however it is the duty of govt agency to provide this type of document safely to applicant home.


please check this decision Case No. CIC/SS/A/2012/003401 Dated ; 16.07.2013

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Prasad GLN

All is well that ends well. If receiving Aadhar card is your requirement, please be satisfied on receiving it without digging as it is just a waste of your time and their time and money.

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Got New Aadhaar letter within just 10 days after reply of CPIO regarding my queries of non delivery of Aadhar letter physically . (enrolled in Feb. 2012 was not received till Feb 2015 {almost three years delay}after filling RTI got original letter within 10 days )



Thanks to all of you !!!



akash !!!

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