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after SIC order





The RTI application is recording government quarters detal.

Actually the quarters is for medical staff but those quarters occupied by clerical staff.

PIO replayed after 2 months, FAA did not give any information after first appeal.

After second appeal information commissioner has passed order of the PIO should provide RTI Applicant requested information within 15 days.

Then I requested government order of constructed government quarters type B or any other record wemployee quarters. Are any order which shows you are the controlling authority of this quarters for so and so employee.

But the PIO sometime said we do not have any order or proof and sometime he said you are not right person to ask this information.

1. Is it true I am not right person to seek those information,

2. Is it possible without any order or proof of any public authority may can hold government

3. Building or government quarters and distribute those quarters to /any employee?.

4. I asked 8 quarters detail who all are staying in the quarters and order details. They provide me 5 names and details 3 other details no information but some employees are staying in the quarters.


Again to whom should I complaint regarding this matter?.

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If you are not satisfied with the detailed information provided to you AFTER the SIC order, then the only option before you is to file a Complaint under Sec 18 of the RYTI Act with the SIC.


The grounds will be "Non compliance of SIC order".


In the complaint, clearly explain as to what information you asked for and what information was finally provided to you. This can be done in tabular form (with 4 columns):


1. S. No.

2. Information you asked for

3. Information provided to you

4. Remarks - why you are not satisfied with the information provided and why it is incomplete, incorrect or misleading.

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Prasad GLN

Before that please provide following so that members can understand and guide you.


Point No....Information solicited on..... Information provided...Reasons for disagreement with PIO







2.Please also post PIO response as per CIC order.


(Infact there is a confusion. Applicant should have asked laid down norms/circulars/notifications/directives and the procedure laid down for allotment of quarters and such authority that is empowered to allot quarters and discretion and present list of occupants with designations and number in waiting list.. If there are violations/deviations from norms complaint has to be made to concerned superior authority and then follow up should be made with RTI Application)

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the SIC directed the PIO to provide he information you have asked in your first application and that much information only he will provide , if you need additional information then you have to file fresh rti application.

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any member please correct, add more or less in my draft letter.



State Information Commission,

5th Floor, Konkan Bhavan,

C.B.D. Belapur, Navi Mumbai.



Non compliance information has given by PIO even after SIC order.


Honourable Information Commission,


As per your order dated on 29/01/2014 and its Ref.No’s are Applicant No; KR-1105/2014, KR-1106/2014 and KR-117/2014 I sent a letter on 05/02/2015 to the NMMC property department for requesting them for making availability of requested information which shall be collected by me after verification.


I went to NMMC department on 10.02.2015 then I asked requested information, the PIO has provided some information and some information’s are purposely refused by PIO. Those details are…,


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Prasad GLN

Make it precise and more simple as possible in opening first page and enclose the statement as enclosure.In column No.2 write NIL and Column No.3 Information not provided.



State Information Commission,..

Decision in File No......



Public Authority.


Complaint on non compliance of commission's decision /copy mailed to PIO


Brief facts: Hon.Commission has given a decision to provide the information..............and PIO has vide his letter dt............provided incomplete information. Copy enclosed.

Grounds for Complaint: PIO has not provided relevant, correct and complete information as stated in enclosed statement.

Prayer: PIO may be directed to provide complete information for point Nos........................as expeditiously as possible and appellant prays for all remedies under Sec.20 of RTI Act.

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