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R.T.I ACT not fully implemented : letter inbox, sources : dna of centralsuburbs ; pg ,2:; dt :12/02/

Rajiv A Datta.

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We need to ask what we as RTI activists and alert citizens have done for it? I have chased 7 universities and in one case I complained to Guj Information Commission u/s 18. Most of the universities I chased have complied with proactive disclosure. One University Registrar even phoned me to thank for bringing to his notice that website is not updated for RTI proactive disclosure. Let us not just blame or lament. Let us take at least few steps in this direction.

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I am chasing a very well known public authority (in financial sector) which has more than 10,000 employees to at least put up a list of their employees on their website.


From the response till date, it does not appear that they are interested in doing it.

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