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79 percent rise in graft complaints to CVC, crosses 63K mark in 2014


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79 percent rise in graft complaints to CVC, crosses 63K mark in 2014


New Delhi: More than 63,000 corruption complaints were received by the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) in 2014, a rise of 79 percent over the preceding year.


The anti-corruption watchdog said it received 63,288 complaints last year as against 35,332 in 2013. These complaints include those filed by whistleblowers and anonymous complainants.


"The commission has processed a record number of corruption complaints in the last year. All of them were dealt with within the prescribed time-frame," a CVC official said.


The complaints were related to allegations of corruption in various central government ministries and departments, he said.


The total of 63,288 is based on CVC's monthly reports for 2014. The final figure may go up or come down.


"The final figure will be mentioned in the Commission's annual report, which is tabled in Parliament after June every year and then made public," the official said.


Most of these complaints did not require any action due to lack of verifiable allegations and were merely filed as per the CVC corruption handling policy. Rest of them were sent to Chief Vigilance Officers of the ministries concerned for necessary action and report, he said.


The anti-corruption watchdog had received 37,039, 16,929 and 16,260 complaints in 2012, 2011 and 2010, respectively, according to its annual reports.


Similarly, 14,206 and 10,142 complaints were received in 2009 and 2008, respectively. In 2007 and 2006, the Commission had received 11,062 and 10,798 complaints, respectively. Also, 9,320, 10,735, 11,397 complaints were received by it during 2005, 2004 and 2003, respectively, as per the annual reports. The Commission, which is working without its regular chief for over four months, also dealt with 5,743 cases last year in which it recommended penalty and action against corrupt government officials. The CVC gives its advice in cases of corruption against corrupt government officials and the disciplinary authority of the ministry concerned acts on it.


It had disposed of 4,801 cases in 2013, according to the Commission's data. In 2012 and 2011, the probity watchdog tendered its advice in 5,720 and 5,341 cases, respectively.


Central Vigilance Commissioner Pradeep Kumar and Vigilance Commissioner J M Garg completed their term on September 28 and September 7, last year, respectively.


The CVC is headed by a Central Vigilance Commissioner and has two Vigilance Commissioners. Rajiv, a former Director General of Central Industrial Security Force, is acting as interim chief of the transparency watchdog.


As many as 5,522, 5,317 and 4,328 cases were disposed of in 2010, 2009 and 2008, respectively. In 2007 and 2006, the CVC finalised proceedings in 4,672 and 4,683 cases, respectively.



"CVC has been stressing on processing all cases referred to it for its advice as early as possible. More number of cases have been disposed of in 2014 as against 2013. This has been done when CVC is facing shortage of staff," the official said.


About 230 employees are working in the Commission as against its sanctioned strength of 296, according to its latest annual report.


Read More: 79 percent rise in graft complaints to CVC, crosses 63K mark in 2014 | Zee News

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Prasad GLN

For doing their post office job, CVC is having excess staff and not short.

They just sort out and bunch dept., wise and use a copy and paste covering letters to CVO of those organisations, (and do not be surprised even they mention that CVO need not report on action taken to CVC). Most of these functions are being attended at Section officer level with assistance of a peon in most of the cases (must admit, they have good memory and knowledge than their S.O and remember any case and can inform action taken immediately)

The issue to be disclosed as to How many such graft cases were investigated and established in the year and follow up action taken for further disciplinary action.

Is there any dept., that state that they are having adequate staff, even after computerization ?

Investigation by an ordinary Police constable in Village level is better than CVC 's decision makers (arriving to logical conclusion)

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the CVC was once ferrocious when Mr.N.Vital was the CVC head and those who came later were not that much effective and consequently even the complaints are being poured in , ultimately in the final stage, very few are only gettiing punished further as per CVC / government guidelines , no action need to be taken on anonymous compalints. thus this alaraming figure of increasehas no sanctuity.

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