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CIC denies info on its officials' movable assets

akhilesh yadav

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akhilesh yadav

The Central Information Commission may have ordered Supreme Court judges to declare their assets but it has shied away from disclosure of its own `movable assets'.

Responding to a recent RTI application filed by Bengaluru-based activist Arun Agrawal seeking to know movable assets of the information commissioners, the CIC said, “No such information is maintained by it.“



CIC is the transparency watchdog for all central government ministries.



The stand taken by the CIC is in contravention to the recently enacted Lokpal Act, which makes it mandatory to declare movable and immovable assets of every official working in the government.



The website of the CIC has a column under which assets of all seven information commissioners have been given summarily mentioning only properties owned by them and do not mention cash and other movable assets held by them. Declaration of assets including cash is mandatory for MPs, candidates contesting elections and public servants including SC judges.



After the orders of the CIC, the Supreme Court judges have started declaring both their movable and immovable assets which are updated every year and posted on the website of the apex court. The order was upheld by Delhi high court.



The commission had recently also directed the Sebi chairman to disclose assets and liabilities. Agrawal in his appeal sought disclosure of movable assets of the information commissioners saying if the CIC does not declare their movable assets, then adverse conclusion may be drawn.



Read at: CIC denies info on its officials' movable assets

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Even the movable assets declared by them on the CIC website are very very suspicious !

Just look at the valuations given for some locations.

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