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ramsh s dandekar

Property details such as property card/7/12 extract with names of owners.


ramsh s dandekar

Hello,Sir,My case is pending in Metro.Magis.Bandra court against one accused whose res.address is known but court want details of property of accused in my case who is proclaimed by court & to make appln for attachment of his property the court require all these information & than only court will take step for attachment. The details of accused Mr.Madhav Kumaril Bhagwat,

Res. 44,Jayprakash Nagar,Snehsauvardhak Hsg.Soc.,R.B.I.Colny,jaiprakash Nagar,Khamala,Nagpur-440025 (Maharashtra State).

I request u to pl.let me know where to make appln under RTI rules to get property details. Await ur response,Thanks. Ramesh Dandekar,Mumbai.

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Welcome to RTI INDIA PORTAL. Thank you for choosing RTI INDIA PORTAL.


Please click the following link and read through the topics:


RTI Information


Please do not post in to multiple forums or start multiple threads. You need to study links on home page of this website and then start drafting RTI for common problem of specific issues etc. You can post draft RTI application on this portal so that our members can refine it. Thus you will be having working knowledge of RTI over a period of time. Please also visit this website often and peruse queries and replies by our members, which will make you comfortable with RTI.


Dear Member, in addition,


To explore about RTI kindly refer following links


(A) Download RTI Forms

(B) How to Become RTI Activist

© How to file RTI Online

(D) Centre / State RTI Rules and Fees

(E) Case laws of RTI


Regard & Best Wishes.

Manoj B.Patel

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Prasad GLN

Your case is at Bandra. The accused has properties at Nagpur. If you know any friend or friend's friend in Nagapur, ask him to file for a certified copy of the property before Sub-Registrar and you can get the document maximum within three days.

If you are not aware of any one at Nagapur, file RTI Application seeking copy of such document from Registrar Office. The problem is you have to mention document no...and date for seeking such copy of Registration. However, if the construction is less than three years old or purchased from some one else, the Corporation must be having those registration documents, and you can seek certified copy of Registration filed by the owner for applying for approvals/permissions.

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unless you know the location of the property , nature of property (land , building ,factory etc )it will be difficult to get the document number and the actual property owner as per the registered document. merely sending RTI application mentioning the name of the party to the registration office will not solve the problem.

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shinde Y

hi ramsh s dandekar,

how may i contact you please let me know ,the same person in same fashion cheated us

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