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NGOs received over Rs 11,000cr from abroad in 2012-13

akhilesh yadav

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akhilesh yadav

Non governmental organisations working in the country received more than Rs 11,028 crore from foreign countries in 2012-2013. Rs 3,772 crore came from different sources in the United States, which leads the list of countries from where money came to the NGOs. It is followed by Germany (Rs 1,086 crore) and United Kingdom (Rs 1,061 crore). The other countries that gave funds to the NGOs working in India include Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Canada, Australia, France, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, UAE etc. The top 10 NGOs that received maximum funding in 2012-13 were World Vision of India (Chennai), Indian Society of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Delhi), Rural Development Trust (Ananthapur), Caruna Bal Vikas (Chennai), Action Aid (Bangalore), Compassion East (Kolkata), Plan International (Delhi), Aga Khan Foundation (Delhi), SoS Children's Village of India (Delhi) and Pratham Education Foundation (Mumbai). This information was provided by the Ministry of Home Affairs in response to an RTI filed by a social activist.



Read at: NGOs received over Rs 11,000cr from abroad in 2012-13

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