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How to deal with Noida Authority, Uttar Pradesh

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Dear All,


I am putting forward a general query.


With hundreds of builders duping home buyers in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, a lot them have resorted to filing RTIs.


However, the authority is bring adventures and not providing information properly.


Here are some of the examples :


1. Delaying the response.

2. Giving half or incomplete information.

3. Not replying to crucial RTIs.

4. Saving builder by hiding information quoting third party information.

5. Delaying by saying information belong to other departments despite mentioning section 6(3) in application.



The list doesn't end.


I know we always have options to go higher up but that takes time. We are not talking about individual RTIs but an authority being notorious and mocking rti Act all together.


What are the options we as a group have to handle the authority once in for all.



Lotus Panache Welfare Association.

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  • Super Moderator

As far as the RTIs are concerned, the only way id to follow the RTI process - first appeal and then second appeal.


If you go straight to court, the court is likely to also ask you to follow the RTI process.


Once you are at the second appeal stage, maybe you can get the hearing expedited by filing a WP in the High Court.

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Prasad GLN

Just seek inspection of their entire RTI handling process, making it an article and Publishing it in a leading magazine is the only option. The copy may also be sent to SIC for information to treat further denials/delay as deliberate in future for appeals against Public Authority.

But to do all this, the APPLICANT must be stubbern, straight forward with out fear from authorities and should be in a position to withstand retaliatory tactics of PA.

But before that atleast give the Head of the dept one month time to streamline the process and then seek further information on steps taken by him to stream line and computerise the process.

We can take the horse to the water tub but can not force it to drink.

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