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Now AP Governor's office claims that they are not under RTI !

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The office of the AP Governor has claimed that they are not under RTI.


It should be noted that the Governor's office has provided information under RTI in the past.


The Governors office has now removed the RTI link from its website.


As on 14 July 2014, the website of the Governor had a RTI link on its webpage:


Governors website 14 Jul 2014.jpg

RTI to AP Governor office.jpg

RTI reply Governor office not a PA.jpg

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Prasad GLN

One might have observed on his speeches on RTI in the past that he is dead against RTI Act and he thinks that there is no need of seeking information, if Public Authorities place all the information in their website enabling the villagers to search for that information .

Day before yesterday, at Vijayawada (new capital of AP), Commissioner Vijaya Babu has asked Public Autrhorities to bring to APIC attention the names of RTI Applicants that misuse RTI Act, but he has not asked citizens to bring violations of PA to their notice.

Congratulations to Hon.Governor for showing right path to Public Authorities.

Better if it is circulated to all State Governors in the Country so that they fall in line with Hon.Governor of AP & Telangana

Sir, Please give this news to media also and wait for his response.

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Prasad GLN

Hon., Governor is surrounded by Legal experts that can guide him properly and the first citizen of two states wishes to toe the line of Goa, instead of falling in line with others, it is his well considered decision. May some experts prevail on him to show the proper way to other servants.


PIO Claims that Government of India has decided that Governors are not Public Authorities and communicated as such to them . Is it so ?

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If Governor is not a public authority within the meaning of the Act , he has no right to continue as Governor and in that eventuality what is the obligation of the State and the citizens of the State to abide by his decisions and orders. The State may immediately seek appointment of a Governor since the present incumbent is proved to be not fit to discharge his duties in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and is not discharging the duties and obligations vested in him.


It is the responsibility of state to implement RTI Act. Governor is the executive head of State and if he claims to be not within the ambit of the law enacted by Parliament or Rules framed by the State, he has no legal authority to continue as Governor.


There were days when Kings used to rule our people. Most of them were beyond the Rule of Law. Nobody could question them and their actions. Only the coterie around them approved all their actions whether justified or otherwise. As the famous saying goes, history repeats in itself, now the new breed of kings are appointed to such positions, the dignity of which they are not aware and cannot understand. How can you expect justice from such persons who does not understand the very basic concept of democracy and rule of law?


Do you have dearth of law abiding citizens in this country to appoint as Governors?

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Sajib Nandi

In a rather shocking instance, governor ESL Narasimhan has excluded his office from providing any information to the public. Responding to a recent RTI query, his office has told the applicant that it does not come under the ambit of Right to Information Act anymore. The website of the governor’s office had, as recently as last year, had a link to RTI-related information whereas the redisigned website does not. However, the websites of governors of the states of Kerala, Karnataka and Goa, among the southern states, feature RTI details whereas Tamil Nadu, like Narasimhan’s office, does not feature any RTI section.


Ironically, while the office of the President still remains under the ambit of RTI Act of 2005 and disseminates information to applicants, the governor, who is appointed by the President, has chosen to stay immune from the Act. “As the governor’s is a constitutional post and his office is funded by public money, his office cannot deny being a public authority,” said Rakesh Reddy of United Forum for RTI, who was approached by the RTI applicant.


Read more at: Governor's Office Says it is Beyond RTI's Ambit! - The New Indian Express

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