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AP: No uniform punitive action against staff

Sajib Nandi

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Sajib Nandi

The erstwhile united Andhra Pradesh State government’s decision to prosecute some government employees caught on corruption charges, while dropping charges against others in similar cases, had raised eyebrows.

Data given in reply to an application filed under the Right to Information Act showed that the erstwhile government’s action against all its employees arrested on graft charges was not uniform. An activist C.J. Karira applied on May 17, 2012 seeking details of prosecution sanction orders by the government in Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) cases registered from 2007 to 2011.

As the State was eventually bifurcated, the data was submitted by the ACBs of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh States separately in the month of February and March this year, respectively. The erstwhile united AP government recommended prosecution of some employees and preferred departmental action against a few.

Strangely, charges were dropped against some employees, who were accused of receiving higher bribe amounts, than those prosecuted. Mr. Karira also pointed out that there was no time-frame set by the then government to issue orders after cases were booked.

The RTI reply showed that while an employee caught on charge of taking Rs. 5,000 was prosecuted, only departmental action was initiated against some who were caught taking higher or same amounts of bribe.


News published at: No uniform punitive action against staff - The Hindu

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Prasad GLN

One can catch small fish only with tender hooks and these small fish adds to number of cases more.

Every one make a hue and cry about transparency and accountability but no one dares to implement them in judicial/quasi judicial systems on blind belief that Courts can do no wrong.

But those who judge the issue are aware as to capabilities as to who can afford to go for appeal and who can not.

Only if some one files PIL for differential treatment with HC, there can be a better chance of justice to all.

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