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AP: Highest number of ACB cases against revenue officials

akhilesh yadav

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akhilesh yadav

Though the ACB finally sent the details sought by C.J. Karira, the activist has questioned the delay of more than three years in furnishing the information. “The sad part is that this kind of information is available on the websites of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC). I wonder why the ACB initially said it can’t give the information,” he wondered.



As per the documents give by Mr. Karira, his Right to Information (RTI) application dated May 12, 2012, was initially rejected by the ACB in its response dated June 16, 2012, in which it stated that the details of the 91 cases were ‘exempted’ from disclosure under section 8(1) (h) of the RTI Act, 2005.’



“Only after three hearings, they finally gave the information. Delay in giving information under the RTI Act beats the whole point of having the Act itself,” lamented Mr. Karira.



Read at: Highest number of ACB cases against revenue officials - The Hindu

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Prasad GLN

That should be the way of 'persistence" .Normal persons just leave it it half way, and who is having that patience to attend one issue by attending three hearings for 3 years, when the information is not their personal ?

Activist must remember the Subhashita of Birthruhari.

He states three kinds of persons. First he states of ignorant persons that will never commence any work doubting about the end results , The second type of persons commence the work and if they experience problems, they leave it in the middle, but finally the smart persons will not sleep till the work is accomplished in full to his satisfaction.

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