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SIC Pune passed an order but the authority have not acted.


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The original RTI application was submitted on 31/08/2013 in case of no response first appeal was submitted on 23/10/2013 in case of no response from FAA on 13/12/2013 second appeal was submitted to SIC Belapur-Navi Mumbai-Konkan region. on 26/12/2013 i was informed by SIC Konkan thru letter that my case was transferred to Pune region, where i reside. on 30/4/2014 SIC Pune did not call me for the hearing but passed an order directing the PIO and FAA to call me and furnish the info on an urgent basis, also mentioned penalty in case of non-compliance. The concerned PIO or FAA did not budge an inch and not acted at all. I sent new secodn appeal as per the order of SIC Pune for non-compliance of his order along with a letter and all the documents on 18/8/2014. till 10/11/2014 i did not get any reply from them, later i sent an RTI application to Pune SIC, it went unanswered but suddenly on 3/12/2014 i got two letter from Pune SIC telling me that my application is now forwarded to KOnkan and Nashik on the same day. Quite absurd!! Now i got a letter from Nashik SIC on 27/2/2015 that they have transferred my case to Konkan SIC. On my visit to Kinjan SIC 25/3/2015 for second appeal hearing in some other case, I was told that my case has been tagged as 'aniyamit' and kept some where and they were unable to find it and i was asked to call after couple of days, i called up 26th and 27th March 2015 but they were not able to find any clue of the same.

This is quite disgusting and disappointing, I am planning to lodge a complaint to SIC Konkan and Pune initiate punitive action against Pune and Konkan SIC staff handling and messing up my case along with PIO and FAA who have failed to act even after an order passed by SIC Pune.

I guess this is a classic case of what can happen to an ordinary person like me with governmental machinery decided not to act at all.

I am disappointed but not lost, I may not win immediately but definitely. I am not quitting...


Please guide..

Thanks and Regards

sunil Parab

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Please understand one simple thing:


The Information Commissioners, Officers, and staff of the SIC (or CIC) have not come descended from Heaven.

They come from the same offices/entities/public authorities because of whom, you and me started filing RTI applications.

If they have the same genetic make-up and attitude, why do you expect them to be any different ?


PLUS remember, RTI was supposed to "reduce corruption".

But as you would have noticed by now, RTI has actually added more avenues of corruption - the people in the information commissions.

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As an applicant, you want final remedy. File copies of all concerned documents once again duly self attested, and write a separate letter, as the documents were found missing/misplaced request them to give priority in hearing. First get your problem solved. Once they admit your appeal and decide then you can think further plan of action as they themselves admit missing of documents by deciding on copies of your documents.

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Thanks a lot!!

I am going to fight...

I have faith in some good people existing in our system, they need an opportunity from our side to do their best... I have read that Konkan SIC has fined MSEDCL Rs.5/ lacs and PIO Rs.25000/-.

I think I have a strong case, I am relatively new in this field but you all have guided me well.


In case of need i will shout, pls help...


God Bless!!

Thanks & Regards


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The problem that you are facing seems to be administrative in nature, and therefore you may explore filing a complaint with the administrative head of the Maharastra State Information Commissions i.e. the Chief State Information Commissioner situated at:


(for example):





The Chief State Information Commissioner,

The Maharashtra State Information Commission,

13th Floor, New Administrative Building,

Opp. Mantralaya,

Madam Cama Road,

Mumbai – 400 032.


Hon'ble Sir,


Subject: Administrative difficulties faced at Konkan, Pune & Nashik State Information Commissions.

Ref: XXXX.



I would hereby like to bring to your kind notice the administrative problem faced by me XXXXX (describe your problem - please be very brief, precise & point-wise).


Sir, also, I would hereby like to draw your kind attention towards the provision of section 15(4) of the RTI Act, 2005 which states as follows:


Section 15(4) The general superintendence, direction and management of the affairs of the State Information Commission shall vest in the State Chief Information Commissioner who shall be assisted by the State Information Commissioners and may exercise all such powers and do all such acts and things which may be exercised or done by the State Information Commission autonomously without being subjected to directions by any other authority under this Act.


With a particular reference to the provision of section 15(4), I would greatly appreciate if you can look into the matter and do the needful.


Thanking you,


Yours truly,




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the present day PIO and FAA's wanted to gain time by rejecting the RTI application on plea on the other and by that time the SIC dispose the second appeal by the time it will be around two years and their idea is that the applicants may not persue further. anyway since SIC has already given decision in your case and the PIO not acting on the order, you need to file complaint to the SIC against the PIO. let us hope for the best.

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Thanks Koteswararoanerella!!

Sunil Ahya- I will definitely try your suggestion as well.

I will leave no stone unturned....

I will keep you all posted..

Thanks once again

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Dear All,

By the grace of god, your good wishes & guidance.

My appeal / complaint came for hearing at Konkan Bhavan-Navi Mumbai-Belapur on 28/5/2015.

The appeal is accepted & the order passed, a penalty of Rs.5000/- imposed on the pio & negative remark passed on the FAA.

The order is avaialble on SIC Konkan web site, under complaint (takrari) 37/2015 (supriya sunil parab) for your reference.

Thanks a lot for the guidance & moral boosting, this is the third in row victory for me at Konkan Bhavan SIC (first two are appeal number KR 1965/2014 dated 25/3/2015 & KR 1966/2014 dated 15/4/2015 available on the web site for your reference) in last three months.

Thanks once again!!


- - - Updated - - -


KR 1963/2014 dated 25/3/2015 & KR 1966/2014 dated 15/4/2015

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