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Let there be a CBI inquiry on Khemka's transfers

Sajib Nandi

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Sajib Nandi

By N Sundaresha Subramanian in Business-standard.com on April 2, 2015

Let there be a CBI inquiry on Khemka's transfers | Business Standard On The Beat


Only the other day, the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP’s) official spokespersons and its zillion twitter spokespersons were busy lamenting the fate of an honest officer under theCongress government in Karnataka. They would settle for nothing less than a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe.


Before ink has dried on the handing over and taking over orders of the DK Ravi death investigation by the central agency, there is another instance of another honest officer being treated shabbily.


Who is the culprit this time? It is the BJP government in Haryana. Ashok Khemka, the senior IAS officer who famously ordered probe into deals of realty entrepreneur Robert Vadra, was transferred from his post as Transport Commissioner. He spent a little over four months in his latest posting before getting his transfer number 46. While the ‘Sickulars’ on Twitter have pounced on the opportunity, the ‘Bhakts’ are trying various face saving jargons such as calling it a social communication failure, bad public relations.

But, Khemka himself did not allow much room for spin doctors. “Tried hard to address corruption and bring reforms in Transport despite severe limitations and entrenched interests. Moment is truly painful,” @ashokkhemka_IAS, his much-followed twitter handle said late Wednesday night.

He followed it up with a tweet denying suggestions from Haryana government sources that the latest one was a result of request from Khemka. When someone suggested that Khemka’s new destination to the office of the Director General in the Archaelogical department was a ‘promotion’ Khemka said, “The rank of Director General or Secretary is given to 16 year senior IAS. I am 24 year senior.”

He remained in his old position as transport commissioner for all of 128 days. Should this happen to people who live by the prime minister’s slogan “Naa Khaoonga, Naa Khaane Dhoonga.”? Unless there is intervention from the top level, the reality for honest people would be get transferred or get bumped off. Worse, get transferred and then get bumped off too. It is not necessary that someone has to get killed or be subjected to other bodily harms before the outrage industry wakes up.


We need to do a recheck of the red flags on our tolerance meters. Forty-six is too high. Even one unjustified transfer should not be tolerated. Let us begin with Khemka’s 46th. Let us ask who was feeling uncomfortable by the presence of an honest officer in the transport commissioner’s office. Let us ask which vested interest got this done. Let us ask who benefitted from the move. Let us ask for a CBI inquiry.

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Prasad GLN

For a capable man, nothing is great and nothing is small. In every organisation whether it is very large or small, there are several things that can be toned up and make his own mark.

If Mr Khemka is such capable, there may be more things in the posted dept., and the measures initiated by him, may make the dept., remember his services as TOP.

Employee must not have egos, and grudging (I admit that they are also all humans, and not getting due recognition is a demotivating factor)


For a great leader, this "viragya" is temporary, and once he steps into new dept., he jumps back into his usual attitude and can do wonders. (the attitude of employees is that why should they work so hard and put more effort, when their services were not recognised and instead of giving award/reward, he was through to insignificant and powerless position. Such attitude by great leaders is temporary only)


And this IAS officer is undoubtedly a great leader and not who survives and climbs the ladder on flattering to politicians. Now he need not fear for any smaller and isignificant posting and care about politicians. After a saga of pressures (pats of politicians is temporary) let him have rest.

If any thing is lost in this activity it is loss to Harynana Govt in particular to side track such a capable officer particularly, and to Haryana citizens in general.

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harinder dhingra

Mr. Ashok is an upright officer and fellow activist in his own way.


Actual position is that he locked horns with Hon'ble Transport Minister Mr. Ram Vilas Sharma who comes from our generation which wants "practical" way of running the government which effectively means that Ashok should have not stuck to the rule book and should have allowed trawlers/big trucks/dumpers to ply despite all these vehicles being run illegally.


I have spoken to Ashok who is back in his fighting spirit and will take this also in his stride. I am proud of officers like Ashok & many more others who are facing this kind of pressure but not giving in. Haryana is lucky to have majority of that kind of Officers.


Salute to all of them.


harinder dhingra

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Apr 03 2015 : The Times of India (Ahmedabad)


Haryana govt split over Khemka's 46th transfer


Differences surfaced in Haryana BJP over the transfer of whistleblower IAS officer Ashok Khemka, with cabinet minister Anil Vij saying he stands by Khemka and chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar calling the transfer “routine“.

Health minister Anil Vij said, “I am totally with Khemka. I am with him since he fought the battle against corruption. I will stand by him...comment about this after talking to the CM.“ Read more at;


Haryana govt split over Khemka's 46th transfer

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harinder dhingra

Yes, Learned Mr. Manoj B Patel Sir, there are two factions in the state government. The Anil Vij is with transparency whereas Ram Vilas Sharma, O P Dhankar & Capt Abhimanyu are from old school of thoughts which believe in running government by adopting old age method of having convenient bureaucrats.




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