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Maharashtra: Central Railway demands Rs 2.4 crore for 5 days reservation details

Sajib Nandi

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Sajib Nandi

In a reply to Manoranjan Roy, Central Railway said a charge of Rs 1,000 per page plus service tax would be levied on the activist for the information on reservation between February 11-15 that he had asked for; the same information could have been provided on a CD for just Rs 60


Read more at: Want reservation details? Pay Rs 2.4 cr, railways tell Mumbai RTI activist - News

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Prasad GLN

The problem is not in actual costs involved and form of providing information, the fees are fixed not on actuals but decided on some other factors.( Hon.Karira knows as to whether those fees were fixed by railways before RTI enactment or after and whether any one has challenged on such demand of prohibitive and exorbitant fee structure by Railways.)

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