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ration card cancellation



Hello, my ration card was cancelled in 2008 in andhra pradesh. with that proof i am fighting in a case in the court. I lost that ration card . Now i want a copy of that. how can i get it

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Dear member, why your ration card was cancelled? Who cancelled it? What is the case in court? if you do not mind kindly clarify it so our members can reply you properly,

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Please visit District Supply Office or office which issued ration card and request for duplicate copy of ration card. If this does not work, you may file RTI with details [number, date, photocopy etc] and seek following information:


1.Please provide me details mentioned in above cancelled ration card as held by govt in records.


2. Please provide me certified photocopies of record where details of my above ration card are entered


You have to apply to District Supply Officer by referring:







A.P. RTI RULES - Guide


These details can be produced in court in your case with reasons for cancellation of ration card.

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Prasad GLN

It is almost impossible to get any ration card particulars in Andhra Pradesh.

In 2009, State Govt. has conducted a door to door survey and weeded out several cards with reasons such as "not eligible", permanently migrated", etc., reasons and entire particulars have been uploaded in AP State Civil Supplies website. Further in 2015 another measure to link the same to AADHAR CARD was also initiated. It has appeared in the newspapers, that Ration card dealers were given IDS of employees, and depending on dormant status of the sales, they have deleted several ration cards themselves.

No information is available and no communications were sent to ration card holders as to the exact reasons for deletion of such ration card.

There are several depts., involved right from Mandal Revenue Officer, Divisional Revenue Officer, District Supply office, and finally AP State Civil Supplies Corporation at Hyderabad who maintained that purified data, to be used by State Govt for all purposes. Now if a Ration Card holder wanted the present status, one dept., asks applicant to go to other dept (They do not transfer RTI Application under Sec.6-3 of RTI Act) and even after making applications to all 4 depts., either PIO or FAA never responds and even after with knowledge that issue of Ration card comes under life and liberty clause. To cover up defects, State Civil Supplies Corporation asks applicant to come and meet PIO, and even if applicant travels to meet him, he will not be available for meet..There is no such clause of meeting PIO for FAA hearing any where in RTI Act)

So first search status in website, and apply for duplicate through E Seva Counters and if name is available in website, duplicate card can be issued by them within a week.

(For the information of other members, please inform the basis on which you are fighting the case in Court and role/relevancce of such ration card in litigation matters)

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      I live in Pune. We had given our ration card to local grocery vendor who gives food items to ration card holders to get it changed to computerised one as said by him.
      I want to know where to apply under RTI in a rationing office in Pune to know whether they have made my computerised ration card or not ?
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      We are basically from Asansol, West Bengal. Now in Gujarat. Now the thing is, my grandparents and my dad used to live at Chittaranjan Locomotive Works Colony, Chittaranjan, West Bengal. Since my dad was brought up there, he had his ration card over there. Even my birth place is chittaranjan, so my ration card existed at chittaranjan itself. We moved to gujarat in 1997. My dad tried to transfer the card to our native place, Asansol from Chittaranjan. But the ration card office guys at chittaranjan submitted the old ration cards and before issuing the N.O.C, they asked for the 'last ration purchase slip'. Thats one thing no one would preserve. And since untill then my uncle, my dad, my mom and my grandma used to live together. It was impossible to get that slip anyway. We didnt need the ration card that badly then. So decided to postpone the matter. Later on we moved to gujarat. Without solving the matter. Recently we asked a cousin brother of my dad to inquire about the stuff at the chittaranjan ration card office. If they can give the N.O.C for the cards. But the concerned authorities at the office rightaway stated that the card holders have already submited their respective cards and we are not supposed to keep the cards without issuing the N.O.C. Now my question is what should i do now? I need the ration card very badly. I want to get the N.O.C issued from chittaranjan so that i can get a new card here in gujarat. I dont have a driving licence, a bank a/c, a voter's id card, a pan card. please help me out.
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