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Punjab directs all commissioners of muncipal corporation to strictly follow order of high court

akhilesh yadav

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akhilesh yadav

None of the corporations of Punjab is revealing in reply to an RTI application that what action has been taken by them actually on the High Court’s orders in Two Public Interest Litigations which were filed by a City RTI Activist, Parbodh Bali in High Court in-person as CWP 7251 and CWP 8801 both of 2012, as Actually None of Corporations have complied with the Orders of High Court till this date. In CWP 8801 of 2012 a landmark interim order was passed on date 10/03/2014 and High Court directed Punjab Government clearly that in future all the unauthorised construction will be photographed at the stage of issuing notice u/s 269 and 270 and those would not be vague notices and would have clear report on the body of notice itself that at what stage the building was at the time of issuing such notices and no building will be allowed to get further constructed even with the help of police if so desired. In CWP 7251 of 2012 an order was passed on 09/07/2012 that compliance to Sec 55 to 70 of Punjab Municipal Corporation Act would strictly be adhered. The main relief sough was to make rules for General Public to be invited to enter in premises where Meeting of Councillors as General House of corporations is held and everyone to witness the proceeding of the councillors for transparency and knowledge of business. While nothing was done a Contempt of Court Petition, COCP No. 1340 of 2013 was filed by Parbodh Bali in CWP 7251 of 2012 agaisnt Municipal Corporation Amritsar for showing contempt to the orders of High Court. Fearing prosecution, the Amritsar Corporation immediately drafted there Rules for admission of Public in its House Meetings and notified those right on 30/08/2013 which was the date of next hearing and escaped contempt proceeding as the matter stood complied with. Finding that no action at all was being taken on CWP 8801 of 2012 by any of the corporation for photography of unauthorised constructions and for making rules for admissions of Public in House meetings in 7251 of 2012 by rest of corporation leaving only Amritsar, Parbodh Bali filed an RTI application to the Secty Local Government, Punjab to provide data for building photography and rules of admissions in House Meetings by all corporations of Punjab. The RTI was filed on 11/05/2014 and no information was supplied by Public Information Officer of the government even after passing of more than one year. The plea of PIO before the information commission remained the same throughout in last 5 dates that No information is being sent to them by the respective corporation inspite of repeated reminders by Government. The State Information Commissioner, Hon’ble HPS Mann, on 30/12/2014 issued show cause notice to PIO for penalty of Rs.25000/- under provisions of RTI and finally in consequence to that the Secretary to Government of Punjab, Local Government issued a Office order on 08/05/2015 to All commissioner of Amritsar, Jalandhar, Phagwara, Ludhiana, Moga, Bathinda, Patiala, Mohali, Hoshiarpur, Pathankot, all 10 Corporations of Punjab to



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Prasad GLN

Why do'nt they follow procedure being followed in our States, like a BRS, taking a penalty and regularising all of them. Two birds at one shot. High income to cash starved corporations, and making builders happy. Showing executive/statute is having more powers than judiciary.

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