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what will be violation status in this case





I asked PIO to furnish details of dispatching letter purportedly by him(PIO), copy of his reply, his register entries, his daily job work on the RTI application & details of postal/stamp register. He simply transfer to another PIO who replied me to contact dispatch clerk at so so time. The second PIO had not contacted on my mobile in spite of my request to call on mobile once her process gets ready. I was calling office as well as visiting in office too. Since PIO sent letter through general post, letter came late & wasted her declare time of inspection. I have still some days for accessing. Plus PIO has send cumulative reply of 8 queries in one sentence & that to contact clerk. The clerk is freshly appointed & has answer of 2 queries. Remaining 6 queries are under control of PIO whom I originally addressed my RTI application.


q.1 Can PIO transfer to another PIO in same office who has nothing to do it?

q.2 Can new PIO promptly answer to such transferred application? Usually PIO refuses to accept. I feel it is a trap for me to indulge me in police case as new PIO & clerk are female/

Q.3 Can PIO asked me to contact clerk to check noting in the registry? I has specifically asked the names of officials who made entries in stamp register & certified copy of stamps used. The rest of the application is nothing to do with dispatch dept.

q.4 PIO uses POSTING method even after I visiting office regularly. Can I demand PIO to furnish info (inspection) when I visit tomorrow?

q.5 Can PIO duck the queries asked in RTI application by simply stating in 1 sentence instead of answering point wise?


Experts are advised to guide us as everyone of us experiencing same as done in this case. Please specify remedy of each case & also the violation of which section.

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File First Appeal and challenge the PIO during the appeal process. If information is more important and if you are visiting the office tomorrow, try to get hold of it as soon as possible instead of wasting time in Appeals. 1. No. 2. Your perception. 3. No. 4. If ordinary post he is wrong, should be Regd. post. 5. No.

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You can also send a letter by register post to PIO and ask them to send the response by register post.


As far as possible keep all communication in written format.


In case you visit them, then leave a letter with the PIO summarizing the happenings of the day. Keep a copy of that letter with you.



RTI act is in simple English and is available at THE RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT

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R/Madam, do you think that the PIO who even does not reply of RTI application will reply of a ordinary letter sent by register post ? I do not think that PIO will reply.

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