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Singh Akku



Singh Akku


hello sir, i want to know that how many salary provied to a villager sarpanch to development his area/villages in a year ,because our area are backward only made the rod of brick thanks

my email -xxxxxxxx (not permitted )

thanks sir

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Dear member,

Sarpanch does not get any salary to develop village area but village panchayat is being given fund/grant from government.

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The developmental works of village are carried out from budgetary grants as well as tax / cess collected by the village. You can get information about such grants as well as the expenses incurred or the developmental works executed can be obtained by filing RTI Application.


Please file RTI Application with the PIO of Panchayat and seek following information -


For Budget grant :


[1] certified copy of the Head-wise budget grant sanctioned for the year 2013-14, 2014-15 etc.


For Work Expenses.

[1] certified copy of Letter of Acceptance of all works awarded from 1/4/2010 to 31/3/2014


(LoA shall contain exact description of work awarded on contract, name and address of contractor to whom the work awarded, accepted contract value, date of commencement, target date of completion.)


[2] certified copy of latest paid On-account bill (OR running bill) in respect of all on-going works.


(On-Account Bill/Running Bill shall contain details payments made in the past)


[3] certified copy of Final Bills of all contracts completed from 1/4/2010 and 31/3/2014


(Final bill will show all details of amount paid, recoveries due and made, escalation in rates or contract value allowed, final Completion Cost etc.)


(4) Details of Service Tax deducted form each of the contractor and remitted to Central Excise and Customs Department during the period 1/4/2010 and 31/3/2014


(The amount of Service Tax can be used to assess the correctness of payments released to the contractor ).


If you still have doubt about the quantum of physical work executed vis-a-vis the quantum of work awarded on contract, you can seek :


[4] certified copy of the 'Schedule of Work' in respect of Letter of acceptance No. ................. dated ................


(Schedule of work shall show quantity of each item included in a contract. With the schedule of work in hand, you can cross-verify physical quantum and assess discrepancy if any.)


You can cut-paste these items in your RTI Application after deleting bold bracketed portion.


Application Format (if any) and Fee shall be as per RTI Rules of your state, which can be viewed in this link: CENTRAL / STATE RTI RULES - GUIDE


You can also download and use samples from below links for panchayat related other issues:




Sample RTI application for Road maintenance


Sample RTI application for open manholes


Sample RTI application regarding clearing of garb


Sample RTI application for maintenance of public Parks


Sample RTI application for street lights

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Prasad GLN

You can follow the same procedure as given in Post No.3, if what you mean salary is "grant for surpanch" given by State Govt., for his discretionary spending for public interest.

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