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Haryana Police becomes second department to extend due courtesies to common man as mandated under Section 50(1)(3) of Chapter XV of Manual of Office Procedure

harinder dhingra

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Dear All,

I have had the privilege to communicate with various public authorities during my 4 and half years of learning in RTI & Human Rights matters and was shocked to NOTE that public was addressed in communication as slaves or at best subjects whereas the Chapter XV of "Manual of Office Procedure" mandates that every communication to each & every member of PUBLIC to be started with salutation/address as "Sir/Madam and end with subscription "yours faithfully". I wrote letter to PM, CM & CS, DGP, CP Gurgaon & of course Haryana Prisons which was the first one to implement it.



AND now the Haryana Police has also followed the suit and undersigned has received a communication no.3611/G A 3 dated 12th June 2015 which is addressed as "Sir" and ends with "Yours Faithfully" Haryana Prisons has come out with clear directions to address the public in communication as "sir/Madam and end with Yours faithfully".


I salute the brave DGP for breaking the tradition of treating the citizens as Subjects and acknowledging them as respectable members of the society. I may have differences with local Police but this step is indeed a step to be recognized and appreciated.



Kindly enclose herewith find the copy of communication received from Haryana Police by undersigned.



Thanks for your time





Harinder Dhingra

RTI & Human Rights Activist


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If a police officer in uniform wants to do 'Namaste' to a civilian he has to salute the civilian and that is the only way to do 'Namaste'. If any civilian do 'Namaste' to any police officer in uniform then the police officer is supposed to salute the civilian as a reply of 'Namaste'. In uniform, a police officer who wish to do 'Namaste' to a civilian he can not bow- down by joining both hands.

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manual of office procedure is in EXISTENCE since years before independence and I have several times referred to this book while in service. anyway now police department of Haryana wanted to follow it let us appreciate them and congratulate them for this step.

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Learned Mr. Kopteswararaonerella Sir,


My issue is that only that if procedure and rules are there then why not implement it. I am not doing any rocket science but following with public authorities to do what is expected from them. Glad that after Haryana Prison's, the Haryana Police has started to implement the same.

I am told that just now C P Gurgaon has also signed the order to that effect directing everyone in Gurgaon Police Commissioner-ate to follow the procedure to address citizen as Sir/Madam and end with salutations like "your's faithfully".


The learned Chief Secretary has initiated the steps to get it implemented all over Haryana.



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