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Regarding number of MNP from govt. sector companies to private sector



Dear Sir,

I want to know the no. of connections, which were ported from govt. telecom companies (e.g. MTNL, BSNL) to private sector telecom companies using MNP in year 2014-15.

Could you please tell the the person to get in touch with?


Jitin Sukhnani

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Dear member,

Kindly file RTI application to the PIO, BSNL with a request to provide information which you want.

For guidance in writing and submitting RTI Applications, please refer to following links.





Centre/State RTI Rules and Fees - Guide



How to submit a RTI Application - Guide




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Thanks a lot Sir for your prompt response.

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You may just check website of TRAI if they have posted service provider wise these details. I do not think this will be available for 2014-15. You may try for 2013-14.

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