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Justice Lodha committee report


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Dear Editor,


It is beyond understanding how and why real masterminds and bosses of dirty cricket-politics in India are escaped through every proceeding when no action was recommended against heavyweights of Indian cricket and celebrity cricket-player/s having direct involvement by getting attached to company of former Chief of Board for Control of Cricket in India (BCCI). Nothing can practically improve till real culprits having direct or indirect control on Indian cricket are severely punished and shunted out of cricket-politics for ever, apart from making BCCI directly accountable to public by bringing it under purview of ‘Right-To-Information’ (RTI) Act.


Precious court-timings including at Supreme Court have been spent on matters involving BCCI with the Apex Court finally holding BCCI discharging public-functions due to several reasons, an aspect sufficient to make BCCI accountable under RTI Act. Otherwise also, world’s richest cricket-body BCCI is funded by craze of citizens of India who take cricket as religion. BCCI thus apart from discharging public-function is also funded by people’s money, thus giving yet other solid reason for bringing BCCI under RTI Act.Read more at;


Justice Lodha committee report - Kashmir Times

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Prasad GLN

So , letters to the editor by both Mr.Subhash Agarwal and another member in the same family also finds place in the portal as two news items covering UP & BCCI.

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