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Sumatha Gomasta

Husband and wife same station posting in govt services


Sumatha Gomasta


I am working in a Public sector(Pses) and my wife in central govt and posted at Kolkata ordinance factory board,if I wants to transfer from another place to my head office at Kolkata,is it possible,if my organization not agree what should I do?and what's the procedure.

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Dear Member,


*All the answer to your questions can be found in 'Rules & Regulations' of the Govt., and


these Rules can in turn be found in Documents held by the Govt. which can always be obtained


by filing a RTI application.


But first one must look for such Rules & Regulations (i.e. Documents) on the internet, and if


one is not able to find them on internet, then one can always file a RTI application with the


Public Information Officer (PIO) of the concerned Public Authority and seek a photocopy o


Please go through the Office Memorandum (OM) F.NO.28034/9/2009-Estt.(A) issued on the


subject by the Central Govt. on the following link:


Posting of husband and wife at the same station ? DoP&T | CENTRAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES NEWS DOPT ORDERS

Also refer to;


Page Not Found - GConnect.in




[Posting of husband and wife at the same station – Department of Personnel & Training





* Following is the relevant extract from the said OM:


(vii) Where one spouse is employed under the Central Govt. and the other spouse is employed


under the state Govt.:-


The spouse employed under the Central Govt. may apply to the competent authority and the


competent authority may post the said officer to the station or if there is no post in that


station to the State where the other spouse is posted

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In addition to what is stated in post 2 and 3 above i AM TO ADD that every PSU has got TRANSFER POLICY DULY APPROVED for its executives and non executives and similarly for central employees also there is such transfer policy notified and you can go through them and then apply for it.Generally such transfers will be permitted

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