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Rti Welcome Poem

Abhinav Bohare

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Abhinav Bohare

Here is a Peom , in fact Welcome note, for all those who Join RTIINDIA.ORG


You are Welcome


Welcome are you......


In rtiindia.org


Thats all about responsiblity and No Due.....


Here we assist persist on wrong and right


We never promt personal or anti Govt fight........


As rtiindia.org no matter big or small


But firmly believes that .....


United we stand and lets not divide to fall...........


And we know you would have come with milestone and sway


So we promise you destined path and longest high way.....


By Abhinav

....RTI MEMBER ...DO RE-Member




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Abhinav Bohare

Kushal Sir and Team

Our Senior Members and Contributors...

This is dedicated to all Of You also..from Mr . Basu to Mpai, from vetrans and elders like Colonel Kurup to All..

TO New comers Screen player Vashudha and Supporters Tripti...


Its for all....All RTIINDIA.org members and family members...





...RTI Progressor

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Debashis Basu

Dear Abhinav


Nice poem. Your creativity is much appreciated.


But keeping the serious tune might be good for the members of this site or general public. Information seekers under RTI Act will be very upset if the CPIOs decide to give information in a poetry format !!!!!


Debashis Basu

RTI Aggressor

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Abhinav Bohare

Fine Aggressor !


But remember Body is made of various parts...and so is rtiindia.org...it has CHit chat, new member intorduction etc....


I I have not posted this in RTI querry or other such headings....


I can understand that information seekers would be very upset if CPIOs decide to give information in poetry format...


BUt being a CPIO or RTI information seeker it does nto means...U eat, inhale, motion, exhale, RTI applications...


Its A forum Basu....RTI forum...but there are various aspect that constitute the soul and body for a healthy wealthy and wise life...



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Debashis Basu

My Friend


You have mis-understood me. I have actually tried to add some spice ! You will notice that RTI Act does not specify that CPIO would reply in prose or poetry. So it is left to CPIO's choice !!!! I had added my comment in a lighter vain.


Even I have self designated me as RTI Aggressor vis-a-vis your RTI Progressor.


HOPE Body & Soul is now united.

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Abhinav Bohare

Nahi Bhai


If U can read I have mentioned ur name too...


Bro, I have a respect for u too..


NOthing misunderstood


we are Mr man...how can v miss understnad...


Keep going and thank me too yaar as I doo

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Debashis Basu

Haan Bhai.


We, RTI Activists & Applicants, can never be Miss Understood specially by CPIOs.


But what happens if a CPIO writes back within time frame that he could not "understand the question or information sought (given the fact about our expertise of garbled expression in English or even mother tongue) - get me some answer on this point from RTI Act angle.


What happens if an applicant writes in Tamil to SPIO of Uttaranchal or Uttar Pradesh or Bihar ? What does RTI Progressor will say ?


Looking forward to reply thread. I am bed ridden from ankle injury and loving RTI.org and SKYPE as I can not attend office.

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Abhinav Bohare

Well Said ...I am sure Ram Gopal Verma has some answer for such combination of South and North...


Ha ha ha..


Anyways Take care of your ankle ...since you have a larger responsibility now of taking care of Indian ankle through Dr RTI MBBS MD (Ortho)..

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