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Identity proof of appellant to CIC.

Prasad GLN

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It was informed earlier that CIC has discontinued seeking proof of ID for appeals. Even as on to-day, appeals diarized are being returned now with same reason. Any reference of CIC orders discontinuing the practice ?

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You can refer to CIC/WB/C/2010/000177/SM dated 5 January 2012 with PIO being CPIO, High Court Madras, Chennai.


"It was not right on the part of the CPIO to insist on the information seeker visiting her office to identify his signature and to prove his identity. This is certainly not a requirement under the law."

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The issue is still CIC returning such second appeals received in post for want of identity.

The on line procedure was not introduced NOW but three years back and the teething problems were reported several times in the forum.

In view of the same, experts advised members to prefer traditional mode of RTI correspondence through post.

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the CIC second appeal format did not ask for any identity proof they only ask a copy of orginal RTI application, its reply by CPIO, first appeal copy and its reply and proof of dispatch but no where there is a separate provision regarding identity. if any doubt then I will upload the format.

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Members who visit once in a blue moon, interested in sharing their knowledge, for replying on closed queries, or answering a query raised 3 years back, should read the earlier replies and answer. When members posted copies of such 'Return memos" several times, then explaining the documents to be enclosed for second appeal appears not proper.

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Recently, there was another reply from well known public authority that is having scant report to law and in specific RTI Act, the learned CPIO has demanded 

1.As there is variation in signatures, please send attested signature from Magistrate.!!!!

2.Also send legal heir certificate from competent authority as stated in RTI Act !!!!!

The matter was brought to the attention of Transparency officer and FAA several times which are in the rank of HEAD of SOUTH and applicant has not even received acknowledgment.

The matter was reported to DOPT, DOPT informed that there is no such designation of "Transparency officer" and Hence duties and responsibles does not arise.

For approaching HC, first there should be CIC decision and it takes minimum two hours at the present speed.

God save RTI.


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