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Name change details



Hello all,


For legal purposes, I wish to find out what was the name of the person around 2011/2012.


As an example, I know that the person has changed the name in 2015 to zzzz. Before that the name was yyyy. But this is a new name acquired in 2011-2012. I wish to know the name of the person around 2011-2012 at which the name is changed from xxxx to yyyy. I wish to know what is xxxx ?


Is it possible to use RTI to seek this information ? The person must have posted it in news paper or the state gazzette ? I know that in 2015 the name change information is not posted in state gazzette, the person published it in papers and made a Affidavit. Showed the affidavit and paper clips and created pan card and used pan card to update other docs.


Can I search it through affidavits or gazzetes or news papaers, or I can submit RTI to concerned department ? Which would be the best way ?


Thanks and Best Regards


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1.If he is employed with Public Authority, seek such name change with reference of gazette publication no....and date. You can also file RTI Application and seek simple gazette reference alone under RTI and providing a public record is not invasion on privacy. (PAN CARD isssuing authority)

2.Search for yourself in all gazettes of relevant years.

3.File application to Public Information officer, seeking certified copy of such gazette notification and all documents received by them from such applicant.

4.Infact the gazette notifications are indexed in their websites and it may be possible to get that information from website itself.

Take all the three ways and you may find atleast one remedy if you opt for three.


Interesting query. Can you just state as to how you wanted to use the information for, to guide our other members.

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Hello Prasad,


You know my case. The person is the accuser lady who honeytrapped me.


Two months before marriage date she changed her name from yyyy to zzzz, stating that her birthname is yyyy but everyone at home calls her by the name zzzz so she wishes to change it to zzzz.


When she filed the complaint on me and when I got bail, I called to her so called cousin and she told me that her name is xxxx which was a muslim name! Also I realized that she has put herself in matrimony with entirely a different name!

I intend to find proof document for this name xxxx. My previous lawyer told me that it will substantially help my case.


To others users, such a girl would have changed her name many times, the person can not change the name just like that, two times saying "horroscope", especially from muslim to hindu name.


Prasad, can you please provide me with a format if I want to file an application to PIO ? which department, where should I address this to ?


I tried to search the gazette myself and it was really really tough and very lengthy process. Besides with affidavit and paper advertisement copy it is possible to get pan card and the third step (gazette) is not a necessary step. The gazette officer might have a database and he can check in a minute with a database query. So I thought filing RTI would be better.


Thanks and Best Regards


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I have read all your posts and by God's grace remember each and every point mentioned by you.

I have clearly spoken my mind in my earlier replies, Do any thing by involving Advocate.

Use google for search every thing. It will be a learning exercise.

Search in google as to the procedure for name change, and observe in each step in that procedure as to how you can get information.

Do not worry about RTI. This is simple.

Search Public Authority's website, you will find RTI rules and regulations segment, they have to upload Public Information officer details, format of application and mode of remitting fees. Follow the procedure given by every public authority in their website.

Only if you experience any issue under RTI, come back for a solution.

Finally if you search google you an find the proper address of that Gazette Publication Authority's address. Search their website locate PIO, file application in their format with such fees..by Registered post.


(Finally believe me, they do not drag this to criminal complaint as the proverb goes :Persons living in glass houses should not throw stones. If she dares to follow the complaint the disclosures you may make bring her previous misdoings also to light. She wished to extort money, She succeeded and there is nothing left with you, she may be hunting for another "Bakra' and following up your criminal complaint is least preference for her now.)

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