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Sorry state of Andhra Pradesh Information Commission


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First time, I am seeing a supportive and understanding post from any member in the forum. Such encouragement and support of members needed in larger public issues. (Hon CJKarira has posted 44,433 posts and 90% are most useful and gems, but the members thanked him stood at 130, if we remove Team members thanks it is not even two digit. This is not fair. Atleast pressing a thanks tab for valuable advice is minimum courtesy)

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Sorry for my getting distracted with other work. The writ petition filed by Forum for Good Governance was disposed of by Andhra Pradesh High Court on 21-09-2017. Enclosed is a copy of it.


It is surprising that Telangana Govt argued that since Sec 15(2) of RTI Act doesn't stipulate the minimum number of Information Commissioners to be appointed, one State Chief Information Commissioner and One Information Commissioner would suffice for now; and more surprising that the HC believed them! This is a clear case of Telangana govt wanting their appointees to dance to their tunes, as the names have already been announced.


Coming to Andhra Pradesh, again the HC believed the AP Govt that they would appoint one State Chief Information Commissioner and three Information Commissioners within 8 weeks. It is interesting to note that the AP Govt doesn't mention a leader of opposition as a member of select committee while it nominated finance minister as one of the members. At the beginning of this writ, the AP Govt said it needed 8 weeks. On the date of disposal of this writ, the AP Govt still says it needs 8 weeks from the date of disposal!


Effectively, both the state govts fooled the HC and the citizens they elected, with no seriousness shown in the whole process. And HC thinks it did its job!


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I came across this news item today:

Govt. flayed for not appointing information commissioners - ANDHRA PRADESH - The Hindu


Andhra Pradesh Information Commission is still managed by ghosts? I thought the 8-week period given by High Court Bench is over by now. I noted that two names were disclosed for SCIC, probably by AP Govt to figure out public perception, both being TDP-supporters. Please update on this.

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Great. This post attracted the attention of 43,566 members though finally the issue remains the same. (Ofcourse there were 55 posts and comments are just from ten members)

Is this awareness ? or curiosity ?

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I am in a dilemma now!

Should I send second appeals to a Commissioner-less State Information Commission of Andhra Pradesh that has been set up recently in the hope that "some day" it would be looked into or should I send them to CJ of AP High Court, mentioning that my privilege under RTI Act has been taken away and so I have no other alternative but to approach them for a timely disposal? What is the best course of action in current situation? 

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Selection was over, and announcing names remains.  But SIC is functioning, and numbering is not ICs job.  After joining they may take up the cases as per priority .  Just make a call to SIC and get confirmation.

Please do not waste time when you can not expect any thing from any one.  They take their own time.  I will not be surprised, if HC even passes strictures against such application.  (That is the present trend)

They have other priorities and blame others who disrupt Parliament as NC Motion is not being moved, but they never care that ordinary citizens are waiting for second appeal hearings over 2 years.

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Unfortunate reality.

Good that we have something at last. I will start filing complaints to AP SIC now on my pending/no-reply first appeals, since i am late in filing second appeals already. Or is there a way that allows me to request for condonation of delay at this stage and file second appeals directly?

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They will certainly condone the delay.  Mere sending second appeal framing a valid reason may cost Rs.22/- as Regd post.  Worth taking risk, instead of re starting the entire process.

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