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eIPO of India Post (electronic Indian Postal Order)


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On another discussion, I mentioned "digital IPO", by which I meant eIPO.


To test this one, day before yesterday, I registered at eIPO site.


Date of Birth is compulsory for registration - Not sure what they do with this info or where it is stored securely.


For Indian citizens, both e-mail and mobile number are compulsory for registration. For NRIs, only e-mail address would do.


For Indian citizens, eCode is sent to their e-mail address and mCode is sent to their mobile number. For NRIs, both the codes are sent to their e-mail address itself. These codes are to be entered during the process of registration.


Just like the RTI Online website, eIPOs can be taken for Central Govt organizations only.


Payment can be made either by debit or credit card. It uses Citibank payment gateway. (Is there a govt owned payment gateway in India? I don't think so).


This is how it looks like after login:

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 1.55.46 AM.jpg



eIPO Overview

eIPO User Manual




I will share more on this after I file an RTI using the eIPO.



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Ok. Today, I ordered an eIPO in favour of Supreme Court of India at the eIPO site.

This is how it looks like:




Next, I went to RTI Online site and registered a new account. The good thing at this site is that they are sensible enough to ask this now:


Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 2.46.16 AM.jpg


But the bad thing is that they do not show Supreme Court of India anywhere in their list of public authorities that they show after log in. Here is what they cover -> List of Public Authorities to whom you can file RTI using RTI Online site.


Next, I randomly selected another Public Authority to see if it shows me the option of entering eIPO, but it just gives two options for online payment. Nothing else!


So, what do I do now? I have to take a printout of the eIPO and send it alongwith the RTI to Supreme Court in the good old way of registered post with A/D or Speed Post. If at all I know the e-mail address of the PIO, I can e-mail both the RTI alongwith the eIPO (pdf or image). Another example of how well Digital India is working for us!


By the way, I did catch this error at RTI Online site related to SSL certificate:


Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 2.39.58 AM.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 2.41.29 AM.jpg


Now, pls don't ask me how Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited has become a certifying authority and why this particular certificate authority was preferred by NIC or DoPT.


My next update on this would be to confirm whether Supreme Court has considered the eIPO or not.



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you have given exhaustive information on eIPO for the benefit of members . for which you need to be congratulated. instead of posting in installments you could have converted into a blog like an article to be preserved in RTI site for future consultation by members

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@koteswararaonerella ji,


I will do that once I understand it enough.


@GLNPrasad ji,


While I would share my further experience after filing the RTI to SC, I learnt that Commodore (Retd.) Lokesh Batra had put in a lot of effort regarding this eIPO facility. Credit has to be given where it is due.


GovernanceNow's Article dated 03.01.2013

DOPT's Memo dated 22.03.2013


Sify Article dated 27.08.2013

Moneylife Article dated 26.12.2014

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Good News!


I filed the RTI with eIPO via email on 17 Aug 2017 and rcvd SC's reply on 04 Sep 2017.


Here is the email I sent, attaching signed and scanned copy of RTI and eIPO:




This is what I have asked/requested:


I learnt that it took more than 200 days for the Supreme Court of India to set up a constitution bench to hear the petitions on Aadhaar privacy issue. In this context, I would like to know the following information:


1) Certified copy of details of established procedure as per which regular and constitutional benches are set up in Supreme Court of India.


2) Certified copy of details of how the urgency of setting up a bench is decided and by whom.


3) Details of reasons for the exorbitant delay in setting up the Aadhaar constitutional bench on privacy.


4) Details of actions taken suo motu (or) reasons for not acting suo motu against Central and State Governments when they are in contempt of court by making Aadhaar mandatory for many things beyond whatever services for which it has been allowed to be used by the Supreme Court through its interim order(s) (or) when they were spreading false information in violation of these interim order(s).


5) Details of information based on which Supreme Court doesn't have any objections to Aadhaar Act being introduced & passed as a money bill in the Parliament.


To which, PIO of SC replied as follows:




Its a bit disappointing that SC spent Rs. 25 for regd post with A/D and would probably spend the same amount to reply to FA. They could have sent a certified e-mail that is legally valid to be used for further appeals and court cases.


You can also try doing the same for PIOs whose departments are supported at the eIPO site.

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Please note denial or no response reaches applicant early, as they can dispose.

As per CIC decisions, as the burden of proof is on PIO, he should send such communications only through Speed Post as per Hon IC Sailesh Gandhi decision. (In your case they have sent by Regd.Ack due, as there is enough time and saved postal charges)

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Which means they did save something by using regd post with a/d instead of using speed post, which is good.

If DoPT could come up with lesser expensive modes of communication than these, which are faster and legally valid, that would really help expedite things while saving public money.

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Forget about saving money by Govt under RTI, as per Hon CJK's estimation each second appeal costs more than Rs.3,000/- to Govt. average some years back.

For one second appeal filed me at CIC, the PIOs spent one lakh for attending second appeal hearing.

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