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Section 8.1.h of RTI Act


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Yes. The decision is most authentic, and there can never be any better decision on Sec. 8 (1) (h). Hon IC can dispose the decision with single finding stating that it is his opinion. You see other ICs who are 'Divandhas" (sanskrit owl) that can not even see naked facts in broad day light and deliver decisions as they like without fear knowing that some will be deprived of their rights and what they do is not right.

But here Hon IC discussed issues in 16 pages and delivered a speaking order. Just should also appear to have been done

This is what IC SA can only do, and he deserves appreciation for such land mark decisions.

Any Doubts that this is one of the best decisions of IC SA.

If you rank CIC decisions in scale of 1 to 10, minimum 8 ranks are by IC SA for various decisions. Looking foward for getting a book with all his decisions compilation.

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To comment on his decision, it requires essay from a more competent person.

In the decision discussion was on various on legal aspects as to when information can be denied on the basing of impeding investigation with specific justification how disclosing the information can impede the progress of such investigation.

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