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RTI activity if husband/wife is government employee at same office




Can I become an RTI activist to ask the information related to corruption exists in the department in which my husband is also an employee??????

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Any Indian citizen as a right, can seek information under RTI Act.

There is no bar, restrictions or conditions imposed against seeking information .

You can seek information, but you have to consider various pros and cons and the likely impact against your husband,

select some friend or relative, while filing application in your husband's organisation,

and for all others you can seek any information, though you are a government servant.

Remember, it is not easy to get information related to their own employee in the organisation, and it requires lots of efforts.

Perseverance is the key, keeping identity of applicant is a desirable feature.

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can I write to the administration of my husband's office, that I am an RTI activist and wants some details of possible corruption at his office, thus, during this no harm should be imposed on my husband carrier and job under whistle blower (protection) act

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Nothing is certain with a public authority. Unnecessarily you will be stirring the issues by provocating yourself as an Activist, as your activities should not be confined to your husband alone, and being a wife of an employee, the employee is also concerned with your activity. When your occupation is not an issue, seek information as ordinary citizen without attaching any tags.

Do not think that PIOs are innocent idiots and they are as smart as citizens, and looking at the information solicited, they can state with confidence as to who is behind such application. So your assumption that you have to be treated as whistle blower etc. may not work, and no body can assure that there is no harm to career of your husband.

No one can take action for seeking information or his family members, and such actions amounts to harassment. They have separate ways which you may not be knowing to fix an employee, if they want. Even a transfer can dislocate and disturb your peace of mind. If a wife files application seeking information on corruption at her husband's office, a prudent man can understand as to who is behind that, and who has to grind the axe with that information.


Before calling and designating yourself as RTI Activist, first understand that you can only get material facts available on record from public authority at the most. But getting information is one thing, and taking action against such corruption by public authority is a different thing. File a complaint with that information in your possession to Anti corruption, and pray for treating you as a whistle blower, and let them do their work, instead of making your domestic life miserable through your involvement in your husband's organisation.

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If you are interested in information or transparency or want to unearth corruption, why should you say that you are wife of an employee. Your intention seems to be not that of bonafide, but to invite trouble for your husband. By saying that you are an RTI Activist, the bureaucracy shall not get frightened.


You should file RTI Application without disclosing your relation with any employee or without giving your husband recorded residential address.

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