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How to seek RTI information from High Court or Supreme Court of India regarding Judgments on Converted Christian Child Adoption from Hindu Parents?



Hello RTI India Activists,


RTI Question(needs drafting): How to seek information from High Court or Supreme Court of India regarding the Judgments on Converted Christians Child adoption from Hindu Parents during 1991-1995?

Requesting fellow forum members to help me to get relevant information from High Court or Supreme Court. What is the address of PIO of High Court or Supreme Court? Tips to get information faster. Any suggestions are warmly welcomed.


My grandmother wrote a WILL to My Friend's Christian NGO organization. She was converted to Christianity from Hinduism. After she was passed away, One of her close relative was challenging the WILL in High Court as he was her adapted son.


NGO is in financial crisis. It can hardly survive not more than 4 months roughly. There are children in the NGO Care, Sick and Old. To overcome the situation. We need to win the case in the court at any cost.


Facts about the case


1. She was childless

2. Converted Christian

3. During 1991 She had adopted a Hindu grandson of her Younger Sister Son's-Son by the force her close family members using Hindu ritual and registration. He refused to live with the foster parents and left the house to live with biological parents. After her dismissal he came to know about the assets she had possessed earlier.



Thank you all in advance


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Under RTI Act 2005, you can only get information "held" by a public authority.


Judgments of High Courts and Supreme Courts are in the public domain.


You will have to make your own efforts to search their websites and get the judgments which are relevant to you.


The PIOs of the Courts are not going to make that effort for you.

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Prasad GLN

You can get that specific information available on their records in the same form, they can not collect and collate or compile information, because applicant is seeking such information.

In your case as the information has to be collected and compiled in specific format.

When the information is not available in that form, it is not information,

only if they wanted to provide information, exemptions and larger public interest steps in.

Even when there is clear record of one or two sentences, the court SPIOs never care for RTI,

Think of alternatives, as RTI is not useful or serve your purpose with Courts in specific.


However you can make google search with key words and can get all judgments required. (Providing reply on the basis of practical experience)

It costs nothing to make a sincere attempt through google search.


Any application to HC should be addressed to State Public Information officer. Search website of Individual courts to locate SPIO, format of application and fees which differ from HC to HC.

The same holds good, and you can find RTI rules in SC website.

Even after going through the post several times with all sincerity to really help, unfortunately I could not understand as to exactly member requires as guidance in his issue to suggest alternatives.


I could only arrive to only one issue:

Whether the will is legally enforceable under law or not ?

The adverse possession of assets, the nature of assets etc., require thorough knowledge of such religious laws.

Better to post this query in those forums specialized in litigation.

But I can not assure you any response from those forums as experts never participate in such replies like in this forum.

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Thank you for answering my query.


I thought RTI information would make my case stronger with valid and approved data from SPIO. I should take a better strategy to arrive at a solution. Earlier I had made great Google searches, found some useful information regarding the other religion adoptions. It is only the information available with me right now.


Could you suggest me a better strategy to make my case stronger without getting prolonged another few more years?




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Pl engage a good competent lawyer and seek his professional help, in respective high court where 'Will' is under challenge.

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Prasad GLN

You can file Advancement of hearing petition through advocate, showing the urgency, of orphanage home and include the latest financial statement or bank account statement, the inmates at present.

Definitely the court has to consider and hear your petition out of turn.

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