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PIO not responding - how to act -TAMILNADU


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when a PIO office continuusly not respond to a RTI in tamilnadu,


does going through first appeal,second appeal and wait for years is the only option?


or is there any ther adminstrative escalation options available like writing to PM office or DoPT?


i read somewhere about complaining directly to the State Info Commission is allowed? If yes,what does complain to State Info commission mean.. do I need to send a copy of the RTI or just the regd post delivery receipt?


based on my expereince, REVENUE OFFICES and RTOs are the worst in ignoring RTIs in TAMILNADU

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The remedy under RTI Act is only through stipulations as stated in the Act itself. As far as RTI is concerned they are united as one and ask the applicant to approach a court of law.

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are you sure ?


RTI applicants can approach info commissioner directly if PIO fails to respond within stipulated time


No offense, but from my interpration on some of your replies so far, i see that many times you just go with your assumption and understandng of RTIs and seems to be not upto date with the latest RTIs.


this is especilly with topics where people ask for using RTIs to sort out greivance and complaints but you seem to be with the assumption that RTI is only for getting INFO only. Absolutely not, RTI can defintiely be used to sort out complaints and grievance and it is all about the way we frame the questions. been there , done it.

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As this is open forum, sharing is common, let us await for experts opinion.

I stand by the opinion that RTI is just for seeking information available on record and in custody, and the opinion is based on DOPT OM and

certainly RTI is not a complaint and grievance solving mechanism, except such IC himself feels and takes that it as a suo motu, depending on his mood at that time and the applicant.

This is essence of your link: lodge a complaint if they do not get a response from the PIO within 30 days

It is not new and every one that stepped into RTI, knows the fundamental.

But when information is priority and important, one can not get information under complaint under Sec.18, and only Sec.19 empowers IC to provide information. There is no doubt in that.

To me , it always appears that information should be priority for citizens and not the action that IC may take against PIO.

If it is true, many ICs should penalize PIOs against all complaints, it is left to the individual members to decide on their practical experience, as to how many ICs really penalize erring PIOs.

Even Hon CJ Karira could not get the CPIOs of CIC penalize when all his complaints and appeals etc., were weeded out even before hearing in case of various HC, and internal correspondence with CIC CPIOs.

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