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Can I sue PIO for not sending communication by registered post?


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I asked PMC Engineer for some information. On RTI application, I clearly mentioned that I require reply by registered post. I did not receive any reply for a month. I filed first appeal and today had the hearing in PMC office. The Appeal officer seemed to be a good friend of the PIO. I told the appeal officer that I did not receive any communication from PIO. To which, PIO said that wrt my RTI application, he replied back (by normal post) that I need to pay some amount for photocopying documents. Fine. But this reply never reached me. They just made some entry in their outward reply that it was sent. No postal proof. When I asked the appeal officer, he said it is not required that the PIO replies by registered post. I feel this is not right. Appeal officer also said I could appeal to SIC about this.

So I need your opinion, can I appeal against the PIO for not sending communication through registered post? Any chances PIO will be punished? (I have no enemity with the PIO, but I know the PMC officials are extremely careless. That’s why I want to take this step).

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Prasad GLN

Any remedy under RTI Act is as per stipulations in RTI Act.

Contact Advocate, even without RTI, there are hundreds of way to sue him but never on RTI.

RTI never stipulated communication to applicant by PIO, but kept burden of proof on him.

You can write to Superior authority, bringing his attention IC SG CIC Decision.

Let us not worry and spend time on petty things. We can not change all people. We can only tell them which is law and beneficial.

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Prasad GLN

As per Delhi High Court Judgment an appellant is not concerned with penalty, and he is concerned with information alone. The issue of such penalty is between IC and Public Authority.

FAA has never any powers under RTI for imposing penalty.

Sending through ordinary post is not a violation of RTI Act.

Deliberate and malafide delay and denial are alone the reasons for imposing penalty.

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