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Public interest



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Prasad GLN

Search in google you can find legal definitions and CIC decisions also. Take SC judgment as final.

Please post the exact information you requested, enabling members to share their ideas to guide you.

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I asked to provide me documents used to issue a PAN card of a lady for proof of her name , father' s name , DOB, age. PIO replied that the information asked is related to third party so it is exempted under section 8 1 e and 8 1 j .

In first appeal I justified how the lady has forged some documents to show herself my father' s second wife and claims the same after my father's death. I also gave the proof of documents prooving her wife of somebody else.

On Enquiry she had told me her father's name which is not the same as mentioned in her PAN card. So I wanted to know the truth on what documents the pan card got issued.

In hearing I rejected to sign on order sheet mentioning I could not justify public interest for information I asked and rather it was my personal interest .

At last the FAA wrote new order that the information I asked is not available in office, and I signed the new order.

Now I am worried how to get the information I want. Pl guide me.



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  • Super Moderator

In order for our helpful members to guide you further, can you please reproduce the FAAs order or upload it here after masking your personal details.

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Sorry Sir,

I don' t have FAA order because they had given me date for hearing the First appeal.

On going there they asked me to justify my public interest for the information about third party.

I explained the matter to him then he said it is not about public interest it is about yr personal interest and wrote the same adding I failed to justify my public interest point of view for the information asked .

I declined to sign on it .

Then he wrote a new order mentioning the information asked is not available in office.

I signed it and asked for a copy. He told to send it by post .

I have not received it yet by post .


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Prasad GLN

Members must seek guidance with facts before going to FAA hearing.

There is no use sprinkling water after a massive fire destroyed and brought the property into ashes.

Any crime as stated in IPC is a Public interest.

A mere affidavit in larger public interest can be filed with facts on such crime.

No one is going to hang PIO if he provides any information, as larger public is his discretion.

Every appellant should go with preparation, immediately file written submissions, reduce the hearing as minutes and handover the copy to FAA then and there.

Members please note every crime is against public interest. File signed affidavit with facts or documents and seek exempted information.

It is not clear as to whether CPIO has explored Sec.11 obligations , sought comments, summoned the third party or not.

Do not depend on second appeal alone, let your friend or relative file fresh application seeking same information, enclosing the affidavit stating the larger public interest that the law can not protect any criminal, and any crime is against public interest, and nothing was stipulated in RTI Act that information on self interest should not be provided. There is no presumption that any thing not in larger public interest is to be treated as self serving.

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Definition of public interest...

In s.p.Gupta vs president of India AIR1982 SC149 Justice Bhagwati. in refering to public interest maintained.....

"Redressing public injury; enforcing public duty; protecting social; collective; diffused right and interest vindicate public interest. . ........

(2) Black's law dictionary... public interest is something in which public has some interest by which their legal rights or liabilities are protected


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