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Transparency eclipsed: Yogesh Pratap Singh

Sajib Nandi

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Sajib Nandi

How is a judge appointed in the High Court or elevated to the Supreme Court, how is a judge appointed as the Chief Justice of a High Court and how and when is a judge transferred from one high Court to another high court? The simple answer is, the public does not know. The reason has been the Supreme Court’s general attitude towards Right to Information, despite its judgments declaring how vital the public’s right to know is for a democracy, how sunlight is the best disinfectant and that the public has a right to know how its public institutions with public functionaries are functioning.


Read more at: Transparency Eclipsed - The Statesman


Yogesh Pratap Singh is Associate Professor of Law at NLU Odisha and Deputy Registrar, Supreme Court of India.

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Prasad GLN

Eclipse is only for temporary period and confined to certain timing and certain days in a year.

This is something more than eclipse.

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