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Adhaar link with voting system

Guest simranpayal

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It’s an interesting system. But I cannot quite get it, what can interfere with someone voting more than once? I’ve heard that they’re trying to make voting on block chain.

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Prasad GLN

There are two different systems.

AADHAR is to identify the correct voter as it is not to link AADHAR with  more than one  voter card.

Once the voting is done, the poling officer ticks the entry, and if some one wants to vote second time, both the entry and voting mark on finger  can help in preventing the vote for second time.


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Priya De
On 2/22/2018 at 8:18 PM, Ivar said:

they’re trying to make voting on block chain.

No there is not attempt for blockchain technology. No Election Commission of the world had done so. It is not about the adoption of technology but the perception of the common man on IT system.

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On 1/30/2018 at 10:34 PM, momita said:

Election Commission of India had started a drive Aadhaar ceeling some 2 years ago. Many States had already done the Aadhaar ceeding with Voter ID card. This excercise was called as NERP National Electoral Roll Purification (2016). As the name implies, the dead voters, shifted voters were being corrected. But the most important feature of this excercise was that of linking Aadhaar with Voder ID card (now called EPIC).


Why Aadhaar Ceeding Stopped

The story goes that one of the State CEO (Chief Electoral Officer) who are actually encharge of the Electoral Voter Data introduced the form for Aadhaar ceeding by making it compulsory. A few Privacy concious citizen filed a Supreme court case. Sensing a big fiasco, Election Commission of India gave assurance to the Supreme Court that they will stop the ceeding and will never link Aadhaar with Voter Data.


This affidavit completely stopped the process of Aadhaar ceeding abruptly and the NERP process which had collected so many database got waste. The Election Commission still have those Aadhaar data, but as they burned their bridges they just dumped this data.

Recent Event with ECI

Recenlty it was heard that Election Commission has revived the attempt by filing a revised petition to Supreme Court that now they would like to use the Aadhaar data for electoral purification purely on vlountariy basis. But as it appear, neither Election Commission nor spirited citizens are interested in any linkages between the two.


What is the danger of linking Aadhaar with Voter ID card

But there is a danger too. As the social media is abuzz with falcification and victimisation of EVM, so will a new ghost story will appear that now the Government has the control of the electoral database and they can manipulate the electoral data by linking it will Aadhaar.


One thought is that ECI should have it's own biometric system for deduplication integrated with their IT system especially as ECI has integrated all State applications now for EPIC data management. This new initiative is through NVSP.in and ERONET application developed by CDAC Pune.


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This aadhar linking with Voters list should be a continuous process and it should not be stopped. If any legal bottle necks are there, it should be removed.This is the only full proof scheme which will help to weed out bogus voters, dead voters and voters who have shifted from one place to other. Non seeding of Aadhar gives a scope to the leaders to have their names at three places- one at native village, the other at town or City where they are normally residing and the third one at the State/National Capital to make use of it as they like..  

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it is my opinion to link adhaar with voting system so that no one can vote more than one. It will help in reducing corruption system in voting.
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That is not good. When came back people who working in other countries at the time of election they could not submit their vote.

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Prasad GLN

Perceptions differ and everyone has his own doubts and even states chief ministers expressed that EVMs can be hacked, inspite of CEC assurance that it is not possible.  Those disgruntled elements even voiced their opinion against EVMs in London and they wanted to go back to old system of a paper ballot.  

Now that EC has filed an affidavit before SC that they have stopped linking VC with AC, we can forget about the issue for the elections in 2019.

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