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Representation of #RTI Applicant was not shown to the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi

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The appellant stated that the Prime Minister Office should inform him whether his representation dated 19.08.2016 relating to the constitution of ‘National Foundation’ in the memory of Mahatma Gandhi was shown to the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi.


The Prime Minister Office replied that Normally the petitions are not placed before the Prime Minister, and are handled at the level

of senior officers in the PMO as per the delegated duties. In certain cases, the petitions are put up before the Prime Minister, as decided by the senior officers.


Besides, he stated that the appellant’s representation was not shown to the Prime Minister of India.


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Prasad GLN

That is known to every one and appeared in the forum, and members were asked not to assume and make copies to PM and Copy to PS etc. A subordinate staff segregates the petitions ministry wise, and a uniform copy and page table will be filled by a clerk and the bunch of applications will be sent to that Ministry with individual copy to citizen who has filed the petition asking him to make further follow up with Ministry, and there petition is laid to rest.

Let us be practical and consider whether PM of India can go through each and every petition. One may be hearing news of one school student getting reply from PM etc., and they are just publicity stunts.

It is very difficult to any citizen to bring PM's attention to his petition.

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Prasad GLN

However, in case of very important, and in very larger public interest petitions that touch / cater to the benefit of entire country are invariably brought to the attention of PM. But the selection process of not reading the petition is bringing these issues.

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