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"Forwarding CPIO" to be punished if there is no reply

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Reply saying "RTI application was forwarded to someone” is no information and it amounts deemed refusal of the CPIO, who forwarded it and to who it was forwarded if information was not given.


When one organization like EPFO has many CPIOs it is the duty of each CPIO to ensure that someone would furnish the information, if not the forwarding CPIO along with concerned CPIO shall be liable for penalty.


CIC also recorded that It seems the "entire RTI wing does not realise their duty to furnish certified copies to the applicants as per RTI Act and do not understand that website cannot give the certified copies".


Decision is attached.


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    • Shree Vathsan
      By Shree Vathsan
      I had filed 3 RTIs asking for DPR of Madurai Smart City projects. They have denied information saying it has Drawing, Elevation, Plan, Section, DPR, Estimate, Structural Drawing, Note File & Current File , Agreement, Bidder furnished bid document  and is more than 1000 pages and is voluminous information.
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