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Record keeping is a key function of public authority

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Record keeping, receipt and dispatch and proper maintenance of files is a key function of any public authority.


CPIO stated that he did not receive the complainant’s RTI application and therefore, information could not be provided to him within

the stipulated time period.


The Commission finds the complainant’s assertion plausible because the copy of the RTI application enclosed with the appeal has

a stamp ‘Received by hand’ which perhaps was crossed later on by the bank.


In this case, therefore the commission directed the First Appellate Authority (FAA), Syndicate Bank, Regional Office, Visakhapatnam, to inquire into the matter as to whether the RTI application was received in the branch and, if so, what action was taken on the RTI application. The FAA shall also, if required, take appropriate departmental action against the officers responsible for the misplacement of the RTI application.


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    • Prasad GLN
      By Prasad GLN
      Can some one help me by quoting exact legal definition of "Record" with Public Authority for providing information ?
      (A record collected in 2008 from III party is being claimed as their record in 1964 by Public authority, and how applicant can find out that it was not public authority's record in 1964 and collected only in 2008)
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