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Private schools stop 25% admissions under RTE


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I would like to gain your perspective about this particular topic.
Even though the Right to education act is implemented and we assume that the government is doing its job. There are many children who are not attending school or completing their basic matric education. It is their basic right and nobody keeps a check on that. The number of children we see begging on the streets, the homeless children, orphans. Does the government keep a check on that. Education cannot be ignored or even put on the sidelines.

Moreover the only schools who accept admissions under RTE are government schools.
The government schools are poorly equipped. They face a shortage of teachers.
And is unhygienic.
Nobody keeps a check on the attendance or progress of the children.

Private schools have stopped 25% admissions under RTE as they argue that -"Dues of nearly ₹800 crore have not been paid to schools. The government claims to have released ₹70 crore, which is way too less. The scheme has been on for five years. Shouldn’t the State have been prepared to handle this?”

How much is the government doing for the children who are literally underprivileged.

I plan to reach out to those underprivileged children and make sure they enjoy their basic fundamental right to education.  I would also like to gain support from our community who think alike or could guide me to make my goal easier to reach.
Moreover I would like to know on knowing how much the government spends on each state of India under the RTE Act and How many children are registered with their scheme.


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You have raised number of issues in one post right from admissions under RTE to Govt/p[rivate to attendance and progress check of children, arrears of such fees from Govt., state wise allocation, implementation levels etc.

Mere seeking information through knowing budgetary grant is not enough if you really wanted to reach those under privileged children.  It is beyond the capacity of a common man and a dedicated team is required with a time bound program. 

Our member  Hon.  Harinder Dhingra. has made a lot of spade work at Girgaum, Haryana  on this and brought many schools to provide such seats to less fortunate.

You can find out his address  and send a personal request to him and he can equip you with those procedures he has followed.

This is one stop to get entire authentic information that saves you money, and time. 

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