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Can the disclosure of name of Highly corrupt official can endanger the life of such official ?

Prasad GLN

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I am reproducing the personal message received from our member Hon. Harinder Dhingra ?

The issue needs definitely a thorough discussion, as every Public Authority  that is having information on corrupt officials wanted to protect the identity stating that it may endanger the life of the persons.   Once the case is referred to RBI,  CVC and CBI, the information is publicised and they can never keep that information confidential.  Even CVC is uploading the names of corrupt officials against whom charges are pending in website.

Suddenly there is a CIC decision that disclosing the names of such highly corrupt officials may endanger the life of such officials by applicant.

If the stand is correct, why CVC allowed to disclose the names in their website ?

If a killer wanted to know such information, is RTI application really necessary ?


पढ़े लिखे अनपढ़।

#किंगफ़िशर को #कर्ज #देने #वाले #ऑफिसर #के #नाम #नही #होंगे #सार्वजनिक।

In one of the worst decisions by CIC in 12 years, Hon'ble CIC Bench of Mr.Sudhir Bhargava holds that Name/s of #OBC Bank officials who sanctioned/dealt/gave #HUGE #LOANS to #VijayMallaya #KINGFISHER without Collateral/Mortgage NEED NOT BE DISCLOSED AS IT WOULD ENDANGER officers Life & security.

The belated exemption claimed by OBC was granted under section 8(1)(g) of RTI Act 2005.
Moving High Court against this most absurd decision of #CIC.

और आप कहते है कि सिर्फ #मनमोहन और #नरेंद्रमोदी पुंजिपतियो को सरंक्षण देते है।

हमारे ऑफिसर भी पीछे नही है इस लूट खसोट को संरक्षण देने में।

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Disclose inquiry report against a policeman under RTI, says Maharashtra SIC

Moneylife Digital Team
08 May 2018 0  

"In a significant order, the Maharashtra State Information Commissioner (SIC) has directed the Police Department to share inquiry report of a police to the applicant. The Public Information Officer (PIO) had denied the information under Right to Information (RTI) Act stating that there was no such inquiry conducted against the police."


Link:  https://www.moneylife.in/article/disclose-inquiry-report-against-a-policeman-under-rti-says-maharashtra-sic/53959.html


Connected to the  main thread , as Hon IC Bhargav  , CIC expressed opinion that disclosing of names of Bank officials endanger the lives of Bank officials involved in a fraudulent dealing  in Public Sector Bank, and supported denial.

SIC ordered for disclosure of entire inquiry report though Police can even argue that departmental proceedings are in between employer and employee and there is no larger public interest involved or atleast not stated convincingly.

(Those who are not well versed with such Inquiry / Vigilance report general practices  may not be aware that these  reports are  prepared one against the employee and one supporting actions of employee at the same time and it is the Authority to utilize  one among the two as he pleases. )

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