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NOC not issued/ being delayed by the UP Pharmacy Council, Lucknow Uttar Pradesh

SurYansh Mishra

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SurYansh Mishra


My sister has completed her B.Pharma Course from the Shambhunath Institiute of Pharmacy and got herself registered as a Pharmacist with the Uttar Pradesh Pharmacy Council, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. In the Year feb 2017 she got married and went to her inlaws in Kolkata, West Bengal after her marriage. In March 2018 She again got her Pharmacist License renewed with the respective council in uttar pradesh. Now if she wants to apply for a job in West Bengal, the Recruitment board and other Recruiters want the candidates license to be registered with Pharmacy Council of West Bengal. She also has applied for the registration to be issued in West bengal for which they have asked the Institutions/Authorities to file for No Objection Certificate with reference to the details of the Registered Pharmacist. 1 has been sent to the College from where they succesfully received the NOC and secondly they sent to the Pharmacy Council, Lucknow UP from there they didnt received the NOC yet.

The Authority is already reviewed as poor in performance in respect to their official work. Sources: Google(Uttar Pradesh Pharmacy Council Lucknow)

Here i want your help in framing the queries to be asked to the PIO of that Office to file reply for the reasons why its still pending with them.

How can i enforce them to get my Work done?

Do i or my Sister have any rights over the Authority and making them liable/Accountable for the delay held unnecessarily?


Thanks in Advance.☺️

SurYansh Mishra

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SurYansh Mishra
There is misfeasance of public authority and excellent Supreme Court Judgment and the judge ruled that every public authority is under obligation of offering efficient services.  Every citizen is a consumer.  A consumer complaint against  such irresponsible persons will teach them a license.
Filing a writ before High court for a writ mandamus another remedy.
You can file RTI Application and can seek for specific reasons for inordinate delay, make a record of attempts made initially, and also record inconvenience , harassment through the inordinate delay.
RTI is not a remedy.  It is just a road and not a destination.   File consumer complaint after getting a record of all facts.
Sir RTI application was filed online on 28th of August 2018 and no reply has been received by the CPIO who is under obligation to provide information sought under the RTI Act 2005. Now its more than 35 days and still no response has been received yet. What should be done in this matter:
1. Should i make a complaint to CIC for no response received under the RTI act?
2. Should i file first appeal to the authority?
3. How can i make it more effective in a way to force the Authority to respond to my application and intervene in the subject matter?
SurYansh Mishra

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Prasad GLN

Please go through Sec.19 in your mother tongue and prefer First Appeal to First Appellate Authority .  This is a formal procedure and no kinds of pressures or forceful response is required and such lethargic CPIOs ignores such pressures and there is no such use / process.  Go as per laid down norms First Appeal and Second Appeal under Sec.19 of RTI.  Now if your sister has made application file first appeal under Life or Liberty clause, as career gets the daily bread and first appeal has to be disposed within 48 hours.

Ask your sister to send Registered Notice under CP Act demanding for such NOC .

Ask your sister to write to WBFC to seek NOC officially from UP Council.

Ask your sister to file this as grievance in CM portal or other Grievance portal.

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