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Closing Main Roads on all festivals



Dear sir, Is there any way we can stop administration to close roads near by my house for one or two full days on eve of festivals like,Janmashtami and Moharram etc. and high pitch multiple Decks which is a usual feature these days in Agra. Please guide.

Thanks and Regards

Pankaj Sharma




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Prasad GLN

Every Citizens knows it is not proper and legal to close public roads for festivals either of Hindu or Mulslim and no one wants to hurt other religion and they compromise, adjust and ignore their short inconvenience.l

(You are lucky for the road closes on festival days, but in most of the towns, even for marriages, political meetings they block the road and cook food on roads, short term inconvenience is better and those staying in road gets good meals and they do not have objections)

(In a society these are indian customs and comparisons prevail..so endure if there is no cure)

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Please file an application under RTI, with the following authorities:

1.      Commissioner / SP of the Police Station  having jurisdiction over the place where you reside

2.      Collector / DC / AC having jurisdiction over the place where you reside

Ask for provision of Law / Rule / under which the road has been ordered to be shut down for Vehicular  & Pedestrian movement

Ask for copy of the application filed by the Organisers of the concerned events,  

Ask for copy of the permission granted by the authority and the terms and conditions on which the said prayer of the organiser was granted.

File application with local Electricity board, to know if the Electric Supply for the event is granted after following due process of law.


In the above cases

Seek to know if a local notice calling for objection if any  - was issued prior to passing such orders of closing down roads completely or supplying electricity from local points

As regards Noise Pollution.

File application with Police, to know if they received application for permitting the playing music loud speaker or amplifiers –

Seek copy of the application filed by the organisers for seeking permission to play music through a loud speaker

Seek the details of the authority who has granted permission to the organisers

Seek the copy of the permission granted by the concerned authority and the terms and conditions upon which the permission was granted.

After collecting the above information –

Move appropriately before the forum having jurisdiction adjudicate this matter –

File your objection along with the information available from the aforesaid application

Hopefully expect some relief, in the next season.

Caveat: - Be also prepared to face strong resistance from the system.  

1.      The political class and the bureaucrats in this country still think they are law unto themselves – information will not come easily.

2.      This activity may require you to invest your resources;  take up this issue only if you really want to put an end to your suffering. 

Else endure what you cannot cure.

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Ok sir thanks for explaining. Kindly comprehend “Seek to know if local notice for objection if any” whom to ask for this and what is the process so that any deviation can be interpreted and raised for suitable actions.
Best Regards
Pankaj Sharma

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Prasad GLN

When you are in a society, when there is no cure, Endue like majority.  Do not get your life complicated with such ideal situation when majority are silent and never get ingled out like a reformer if you require peace in personal life.

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As a matter of practice, generally, objection or consent is evaluated on the strength of the feedback that the authority gets from his sources. No local notice is issued or is required to be issued formally. 

But if there is a record of an objection being registered to the grant of such orders, it is likely that the subsequent orders become conditional keeping in view the objections received.

The Sanctioning authority is under an obligation to justify his action (order)  

He must show that he has verified to his satisfaction that granting permission will not cause obstruction, inconvenience, annoyance, risk, danger or damage to the residents or people passing through the vicinity.

a.       The conditions of the order (if any) must include the steps directed to be taken for providing maintenance of public safety,  Prevention of disturbance - to the residents or passengers passing through the said vicinity, so as to secure the equal and orderly conduct amongst those who seek the permission to organise the said event vis-à-vis the rights of the residents of that place or of the people passing through the vicinity.

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