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BMC junior Engineer challenging openly and supports Illegal Construction

Anthony Micheal

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Dear Sir,


Junior Engineer of BMC openly challenges to do whatever we want, but he won't demolish Illegal and unauthorised construction under his area. Also he called the illegal construction contractor in BMC infront of me to settle the complaint by taking some Amount. I have taken the Contractor photo with Junior Engineer.


I have complained the said issue to the concerned police station by dispatching a letter...


Now, what others I have to do, to make strict action and suspension against Junior Engineer


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Prepare Uniform format of complaint to BMC Commissioner, ACB, Lokaykt and Ministry of Municipal affairs and just change the address, enclose all documentary evidence with such photographs to build up pressure.

The correct remedy is filing for injunction against further construction and filing of PIL before High Court for demolition of such illegal structure.

File RTI Application to SPIO, BMC and record the conversation that has taken place in writing (Example give below as suggestion)

Brief Facts: On................................(date), Shri.........................JE  summoned me to his office at..................(time) and stated the following on my application about illegal construction at...........................................................

To Applicant: do whatever you want,  I don't demolish Illegal and unauthorised construction under my area.

To Contractor:   settle the complaint by giving  some Amount.

The photograph with contractor and JE Enclosed  (State verbatim in same language used by JE)

Information solicited:

1.Please provide the laid down norm and powers of competent authority in demolishing such illegal structures and provide a copy of such orders / rules / directives / notifications .

2.Please provide further action to be taken by complainant to stop such illegal activities in BMC.

(Do not expect a reply, it serves as a plain record of facts for further use in your case)

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Have you written or printed your name on the photograph.   First they have to object or establish prima facie.  A contractor meeting Corporation officials is not a crime.  You can not establish any thing with such photograph but if it is Audio and Visual stating that he is not going to provide information , and asking contractor to settle the issue, then the coverage may be having evidential value only during inquiry.if any against such official.

In the forum, we always advise members to avoid conflicts and focus on information alone if information is the focus.   Our experts always advised members to take care of personal security first, before taking such tasks endangering their lives with unsocial elements.

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Ok sir...
I have dropped a complaint to Lokayukta, Municipal Commissioner, municipal Corporation vigilance department, Ministry of urban development, police station and anti corruption bureau. ..

Now ahead what I have to do to take strict action against Junior Engineer. ..
Any private case I have to do to record harassment case in lower court or I have to go HighCourt to take action against junior engineer by demolishing the complained structure...

I want an severe action against junior Engineer. ..

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Have patience, as the law moves at snail's pace.

In the forum we can only advise on exposing irregularities.

Once the irregularities are exposed, it is left to Authority / employer to take action.

Once the illegal structure is identified, naturally further course of strictures follows.

Have patience, take care of you and your family and let law take it's own course as you have done your duty as a citizen.

Focus on some other important things, and respond when authorities seek your assistance.

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