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Global RTI rating and India's Sixth Position.

siddharth khandelwal

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siddharth khandelwal


 सूचना अधिकार की वैश्विक रैंकिंग में भारत एक स्थान पिछड़कर छठवें स्थान पर आ गया है। Centre For Law And Democracy के द्वारा कराये गए इस अध्ययन में भारत के पिछड़ने  कारण पढ़ें -"India has long been recognized as one of the most advanced countries in the world when it comes to access to information, but its failure to top this ranking is demonstrative that global standards of the right to access have advanced considerably since India's law was first passed. This is not to say that India's legal framework is bad. As this score indicates, it remains one of the top countries in the world, but there are several problems with India's access regime. Chief among these are the blanket exceptions in Schedule 2 for various security, intelligence, research, and economic institutes. Instead of such broad and sweeping exclusions, these interests should be protected by individual and harm-tested exceptions. The Indian legal framework also does not allow access to information held by private entities which perform a public function, and several of the law's exclusions, including for information received in confidence from a foreign government, cabinet papers, and parliamentary privilege, are also problematic."

              कृपया इसके कारणों पर अपनी भी राय दें। 



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Prasad GLN

These may be matters of concern at global levels, most unfortunate thing is neglecting even small information for common man in already permitted sectors.  When one can not get information from public authorities, and entire information commissions machinery failed to come to expectations, for many reasons like not appointing required ICs, expecting all the above like more inclusions, bringing private entites also aggravate the issue.

This is just like trying to climbing everest, when one can not climb his own boundary wall.  (Local proverb modified for better understanding that a lady who can not catch a pot with mud hanging in her house through ropes making attempts to climb to heaven)

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